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Absorbing climate impacts

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How can climate risk insurance be linked with other forms of social protection to help vulnerable communities absorb climate impacts?

Developing countries, and particularly the poorest and most vulnerable communities, are disproportionately affected by climate change. Exposure to shocks, such as floods and storms, and stresses such as droughts or changing rainfall patterns, can also affect those who are not poor but remain vulnerable. With the frequency of such events set to rise with climate change, communities’ capacity to absorb climate shocks and stresses represents a key component of climate resilience.


Climate risk insurance and social protection measures can help reduce affected populations’ vulnerability to shocks and stresses. Well-designed climate risk insurance schemes, when applied as part of broader risk management strategies, can act as a buffer for people shortly after an event occurs and protect people from falling (back) into poverty. Social protection, such as cash transfers and retraining, together with a wide range of other programmes aiming to reduce poverty and vulnerability, is increasingly recognised as a tool to help communities to adapt to climate impacts. Social protection can also improve incomes in the long term.


The UN Climate Resilience Initiative and InsuResilience are seeking innovative ideas for linking climate risk insurance with other forms of social protection to further enhance communities’ ability to absorb the impacts of climate change. The contest winner will receive seed funding to implement the proposal (worth 40,000 euros) and mentoring, training and technical assistance (worth 12,000 euros).


14  Proposals

Proposal nameAuthor(s)ModifiedContributors

AgriGO:Using technology to help farmers to fight against climate changeSHIKAMA Dioscore,MUHIRE J.M.V

Dec 13, 2017 Team only
We need to provide to farmers the farming bests practices based on agricultural weather information in form of SMS via their mobile phones

Need for establishing climate risk and resilience insurance companies in AfricaWassie Haile Woldeyohannes

Dec 8, 2017 Team only
Availability of climate risk and resilience companies help to protect vulnerable sectors and societies from climate disasters and risks.

Government-Pastoral partnership to establish climate risk insurance schemeWassie Haile Woldeyohannes

Dec 6, 2017 Team only
Tax being paid by pastorals will be increased by 10 % for climate risk insurance (CRI) and government will waive 20% of this tax to CRI.

GreenPhotosynthesisHealsAll, ConvertsHeaterClimateCarbonsToCoolingO2ToCoolUSPhotosyntheticGreenO2CoolsUSInstead

Dec 6, 2017 Team only
Photosynthetic oxygen,O2 = a likely causative agent for the Ice Age GOE, O2 Cooling earth.converting heater climate C to cooling O2,.

Du biogaz naturel à base de la Jacinthe d'eauCPN-JEVEV Porto-Novo

Dec 5, 2017 Team only
Energie renouvelable à partir du Vert naturel

Compost MagiqueONG JEVEV

Dec 5, 2017 Team only
Innovation sur le compost magique à base de la jacinthe au Bénin

Paying Forward: Climate ResponsibilityThe Responsible Ones

Dec 4, 2017 Team only
It is no secret that large and multi-national corporations are responsible for exacerbating climate circumstances. Share the burden.

Adopting Poor Nations. Colonization; Twenty First CenturySherman Braithwaite

Dec 3, 2017 Team only
I can imagine it may be an issue of how to go about fixing bad things when they happen. "Absorbing climate impacts".

The Impacts of Climate Changes on Agricultural Borne Diseases in SudaneseElshayeb A, Eltaher M, Elfadil A,

Dec 1, 2017 Team only
A project proposal submitted to study the effects of climate changes on microbial diseases transmitted to human from agriculture in Sudan.

Ethical Financing for HumanityHicham Filali Zehri

Nov 30, 2017 Team only
Financial institutions and mostly banks should be involved in world human and social problems including problems related to Climate change.

Establish a legal precedence in the UNJeffrey Wallk

Nov 29, 2017 Team only
Have the UN establish a legal precedence for risk models around climate impact and develop case law against countries who violate laws.

Social Protection for Farmers and FisherfolksAlfredo Coro

Nov 29, 2017 Team only
Convergence of various government social protection mechanisms by making risk / adaptation affordable and accessible for the poor.

Climate Connection Areas - CCAOsmar Filho

Nov 28, 2017 Team only
CCA (Climate Connection Areas) are city areas where private and public companies, civil society and governments create sustainable projects

Adapting the Indigenous approach to Climate Change Adaptation and MitigationPeople_Centered CC policies

Nov 28, 2017 Team only
Major constraints to achieving CC SDGs is the wide disconnect btw policies and practice not taking the affected into planning. #WithUSnot4US