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I can imagine it may be an issue of how to go about fixing bad things when they happen. "Absorbing climate impacts".



Since I live in a country with its own poor states, I should learn to acknowledge, changes must be made, with how homeless persons are treated in the US. That should be a first priority. We all know it’s difficult watching at people’s pains. Some of us help to prevent, and other times we just want to ignore it because it is a bother to pay attention. The homeless condition in the US; There are many ways that state may occur. I have heard of persons ending up in that state from ‘being a criminal’. You would think or even say; “Then, who wants to help them?”. Imagine that is always the case of homelessness. That sounds like a problem.

What actions do you propose?

I felt it was so odd that an issue of helping is natural for living organisms. It is so natural, that as humans, some nations, have developed economies to solve all of our financial needs. There are projects that can never impact the economy, because they will cause ruination of said economy, and others in general, because of the project’s efficiency. Being as such, no one however says; “Let’s make everyone keep their job. If you go to jail for whatever reason, even if it’s for a life time sentence, your job will still be waiting for you.”. It can’t be a problem making laws like that, because the person will never be released from prison. Other times, we can’t say that because it is odd. Laws as such, seem as if they should never be. Who is to say that a job should not be secured, for life? Or, just as long as a worker still needs the job, it is there waiting. Some nations treat the economy as if it needs protecting, and corporations in association with the government, through grants, provide jobs for individuals. That is, until workers are deemed replaceable by automated machines.

How is protecting economic growth via allowing automation to take over after promises of job protection, any different than social upheavals that not only make people into criminals by making them have to choose to be free and punished, or be jailed and punished? Hey, it’s either you are free or you are in jail. We should not have to go through terrorism on the streets as we perform our everyday duties, such as going to work, just because some foolish person dislikes us. I wonder how disliking a person has become a ruling majority means, for terrorism? I guess it all starts with the fathers and mothers of our nation. Old though some of these practices are, some people still feel they must be ready to even handle familiar things to themselves. Your own race, other races and everything alike. They must feel they are ready to handle in the worst ways possible. The children of the old ways, simple follow suit. No explanation needed said.

"Absorbing climate impacts". Natural disaster can happen anywhere. Personally, I don’t think I can ever be ready for such things. I try to get there, towards a readiness state, but I see maybe I just have to go down with the ship, wherever it may be.

I remember when I was a kid and thought it would be amazing to save people from hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, you name it. I wanted to be a hero. The problem with those needs, someone has to be in terrible danger. Is being a hero something we should want to do to get the glory of doing so, or we must do it to do the right thing? This is a question no one can answer because at times, people seek glory without even realizing, nor wanting to realize they seek glory.

I can’t write what I had planned to do to save the world from natural disasters. I got over it though. I got over it as I got over wanting to be other kinds of heroes. Childish hero type figures.

I took the Fireman Examination, neglecting that was a way to become a hero. However; At one time, I even took the Police Officer Examination, to sneak my way into becoming a hero. I ended up at the Police Academy where I failed the fat test once, then returned again after trying to shrink down, failed it again, and never made it beyond orientation. I had a strange plan to be a hero. I felt I had to save myself from something by being ready. What on Earth was I thinking? Selfish hero. Who on Earth did I feel I can save other than myself? No one than myself. I was sure something would have come up; That thought about a hero and the person in danger, it is just a horrible thought.

"Absorbing climate impacts". I think the solution should be, “Adopting Poor Countries. Colonization; Twenty First Century. That needs to be done to prove that solving natural disasters, is more important than pride we all share with Independence Day, all over the world.

Monetary relief and aid, are not enough to solve a problem like this. Those are not enough to solve any nations’ problems if they suffer from a terrible natural disaster. “Adopting Poor Countries…”, is the only solution.

Who will take these actions?

This is a UN Climate Resilience Initiative. It seems obvious who needs to decide which devastated countries need to be taken hold of, and taken care of. With the cooperation of the leader of the nation—Mostly, if there is still a leader of the nation, or any governmental body still left in charge of the nation that was struck by disaster. The implication of a nation being “Poor”, simply means disaster stricken—. If no leader nor governmental body exist in the nation, all the same it would be easier to take control of the nation, and save it from more doom. “Adopting Poor Countries. Colonization; Twenty First Century”. Don’t judge this harshly. I don’t see any other alternatives.

“Monetary relief and aid, are not enough to solve a problem like this. Those are not enough to solve any nations’ problems if they suffer from a terrible natural disaster. “Adopting Poor Countries…”, is the only solution.”.

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?


· The Judges' Choice Winner will be selected by the judging panel. The UN Climate Resilience Initiative A2R and InsuResilience will provide the Judges’ Choice Winner with seed funding for implementation of the proposal (worth 40,000 euros) and mentoring, training and technical assistance (worth 12,000 euros) as outlined below.

· Seed funding for implementation of the winning proposal (worth 40,000 euros) The Judges' Choice Winner will receive seed funding to support the implementation of the winning proposal. The funding will be spent according to a budget submitted by the team, to be agreed on with the contest [organizers]. Budgets detailing how the seed funding would be spent will be requested from semi-finalists to the contest. The terms and conditions associated with the seed funding will be set out in an agreement with the winning team.

· Mentoring, training and technical assistance (worth 12,000 euros) Mentoring, training and technical assistance will be provided to the Judges' Choice Winner. Suitable mentors will be identified to support the implementation of the winning proposal, with online and face-to-face mentoring provided on a monthly basis for the duration of three months. In addition, a training and technical assistance plan will be developed with the winning team, with the support of the mentors identified....

If I am the winner of this contest and motions are taken to achieving, and “Adopting Poor Nations. Colonization; Twenty First Century” ways of doing things are put into effect; This somewhat defines me as some kind of ruler. I don’t think it has to be seen as such, and let’s face it, that sounds ridiculous and impossible. I can’t imagine what I would be than a person that has been given a chance to have an idea of his used for a fee or fees. I would prefer not to have my idea taken to the point of silliness, or to have me look “ambitious”.

Time line

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