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Human fossil fuel combustion has fueled industrialization and urbanization of the last 150 years, manufacturing dangerous levels of HeaterClimateCarbon concentrations that have caused "global warming" and now global heating, baking, drowning, Climate911, ClimateArmageddon of unbelievable extremes, our own 6th Extinction/Anthropocene.Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry has conspired for more than 100 years to manufacture epic & Biblical lies,spending millions,billions of taxpayer subsidy+profit dollars to keep America addicted to consumption of fossil fuels,causing even more costs risks,both private+public+life web+whole earth system costs countable and not.

The fossil fuel industry such as Exxon+other industries that profit from destruction of natural resources have conspired to limit America's counts, values, religion to mechanical rates of private, privatized, privatizing cashflow floods into only one private bank account of fossil fuel or other destructive business/organization/government that has chosen to value private cash profiteering for one private self now while crushing the ability of nature to produce critical but uncountable flows & cycles & genius that any need to satisfy basic critical needs of any living organism, any self....basic critical needs uncountable in cash.

So human systems often limit their private & public counts/numbers,values/definitions/perceptions/words/information to mechanical rates of private cash, cashflow floods into only one one private bank account of only one private self/profiteer of only one obvious now.....while throwing explosive risks and costs onto others,  Human system fail to count outcomes of actions, but religions know that positive actions cause positive outcomes slowly to lift all up to light slowly far from the obvious....and that negative actions cause negative outcomes to suck all down into negatives easy cheap quick.   We need nature to keep moral laws of reciprocity of critical two-way flows alive.

What actions do you propose?

Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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