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Maria Paulina Paulo

Dec 5, 2017


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Vulnerable members of the communities should be  involved as key players in the climate change project not seeing them as just passive part of the society where others people do the things for them.Living in the developing countries where I can see everyday  women the most vulnerable for climate change consequences the women living in that areas need everything to survive. Kids in poorest conditions without food, clothes, shoes, not potable water, hospitals. So working with this women in the reforest campaign, clean up or others activities  they will do the best. People in the rural areas are humble just explain what good are the project like to stop cholera, malaria  for their kids can be the main reason for them to participate.

Abdul Malek Makhdom

Dec 19, 2017


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Thanks for this types of funds. I know very vulnerable areas in Afghanistan and the communities at risk. I believe that project I will submit to you is innovative and you will be interested in funding as well as the people will support the project for its sustainability to help the changes badly effecting them and their villages.Please, if it is possible could you tell me about the project duration?

Sherman Braithwaite

Jan 17, 2018


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I thought it was a mystery that one person's idea can resemble another person's. I realize that it's not a mystery. It's simple to make that happen, and make it look like you have a profound first person idea. All that has to be done, is start first, change topic or description later. I am waiting to see what will happen to my erased idea on that other topic. I think some of these things are too much for some people to handle, and their solution, is to erase, and covet. It's hard to covet a fantasy or that which is not design.