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Natalia Winder Rossi

Natalia Winder Rossi


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Natalia Winder Rossi is a senior social protection specialist with policy and programmatic experience in Latin America and Eastern and Southern Africa. She is Senior Social Protection Officer at FAO, ESP Division. Prior to joining FAO, she was the Senior Programme Specialist (Social Protection) at UNICEF’s Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa where she led UNICEF work in social protection across 21 countries. Ms. Winder co-led and co-authored the development of UNICEF’s first ever Social Protection Strategic Framework, which lays out UNICEF approach and principles for their work in this. Prior to joining UNICEF, Ms. Winder worked at the Inter-American Development Bank in social protection design, indigenous peoples development and education programmes.


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Natalia Winder Rossi joined the Climate CoLab communityJan 25, 2018