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Shifting Attitudes and Behaviors 2018

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Jun 1, 2017 12:00 EDT - Sep 10, 2017 06:00 EDT
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Sep 10, 2017 06:00 EDT - Oct 20, 2017 09:00 EDT
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Oct 20, 2017 09:00 EDT - Nov 6, 2017 06:00 EST
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Nov 6, 2017 06:00 EST - Dec 18, 2017 12:00 EST
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Dec 18, 2017 12:00 EST - Jan 15, 2018 11:00 EST
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Jan 15, 2018 11:00 EST
What initiatives and strategies can mobilize individuals and societies to shift attitudes & behaviors to address climate change?


The complexity and scale of the problem of climate change can sometimes create confusion, indecision, and ultimately, inaction. Behavior is shaped to a large extent by the dominant values, social norms, and attitudes of our society, but these forces aren’t well-aligned to the long-term, often subtle impacts of climate change. Moreover, this large-scale, societal problem, at times does not translate into direct day-to-day impacts on people’s lives.To combat this global problem, this contest seeks ideas on how to shift public perceptions of climate change: How do we promote norms and attitudes that recognize the importance of climate change issues? How do we energize the public? How do we connect with individual and community values to promote the adoptions of environmentally and economically sustainable behaviors? We are looking for proposals that are original, achievable and scalable— ideas that are sustainable over the long term, and can be replicated in communities around the world.

59 Proposals
Climate Stories is an interactive mobile community hub for climate change engagement, planning & action.
We will rehabilitate the land and people through proven regeneration practices by directly involving the community in hands-on education.
Women are traditional knowledge keepers and this knowledge should inform climate-ready practices and policies.
The How2Recycle label empowers people to recycle more and better, and influences brands to change their packaging to be more recyclable.
Rwanda Bleu!Points is a self-funding and educative waste source separation model initiated by Pius to reduce emissions from waste in Rwanda
Build a network that seeks to empower young people, providing them with tools & resources to lead collaborative sustainable energy projects
Altering public sphere communication through popular media for knowledge and action on climate change in India.
Catalyze the creation of community climate change stories and shape stories into artistic pieces to change public attitudes.
A large scale civic center & city to serve the global community as a blueprint for sustainable cities and a gathering point for the planet
Collaborating NGOs with Educational Institutes, Govt. & social welfare schemes to minimize and treat plastic waste through processing plants
Endorsed by the UNFCCC Secretariat, ECOS is an international network-of-networks for climate literacy, engagement, action & learning hives
Food Heroes is a gamified food education program empowering kids and families to make smart food choices for personal and planetary health
Creating swimsuits made out of 100% recycled plastics, preserving marine biodiversity and connecting swimmers with the natural environment.
Adopting the proposed practice of interactive ICT design at governments will empower citizens to build a sustainable society.
A simple and bipartisan means of identifying electoral campaigns free of fossil fuel funding is sought.
Public Space Installation using Augmented Reality to evoke empathy and build sustainable behaviours among people about the climate change.
Customize shopping based on your values for health, the environment and society. Our system reduces emissions and waste.
Climate Toothpaste helps climate groups with outreach and volunteer recruitment. Get Fresh n' Clean: Climate Toothpaste gets noticed!
Pollution kills, just as wars, accidents & terrorism do. Deploying IoT automated devices increases awareness & can lead to viable solutions.
Annual/monthly climate change awareness one day media event, in which people are encouraged to walk, use their bikes or even work from home.
Transform GHG challenges into opportunities. Learn how you artfully achieve positive impact within the current setting you are in.
The company would function as a non-profit, selling cards for all occasions. The purchase of each card would plant 1+ tree across the world
universities are agents of change
Interactive public climate change installation fusing plants & technology to deliver grassroots engagement with low carbon future in cities
Clearinghouse: Climate project to secure water, energy, health & security solutions in any country. CARD revolutionizes solutions delivery.
The millions of groups in the environmental-progressive movement are an underutilized resource for communicating to solve global warming.
Tech platform for individuals and all sectors that addresses the perceptual barriers and provides multiple new tools for action.
Imagine 1,000's of "Climate Adaptation & Resilience Centers" built around the world, educating and empowering communities to act on Climate.
The managerial skill-sets of elite entrepreneurs on Planet Earth can utilize existing infrastructure to create lifelines to sustainability!
A "carbon" problem? No, we have a population problem. If proposed solutions don't scale with population growth, they will ultimately fail.
A minable DB for personally recording and identifying individuals with high social/political capital.
Sparking action to address climate change through Persuasive Technology platforms that form a world of data art sustained by Herd Mentality.
The shift in attitude & behavior will occur only when enlightenment and passion are incorporated in the fight against climate change.