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Rodrigo Ehlers

Oct 3, 2017


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Guys I was glad to read your project and know that we are part of initiatives that are aimed at improving practices to this you in addition to contributing to ClimaColab I see that your platform can help resilience in the communities in US it is important to generate education to be able to implement anything, but my biggest question is what kind of name could be a synonym for climate change? you mention that this very flawed as we can regenerate is more than enough to leave it as accelerated global warming?

Anastasia Kouki

Oct 17, 2017


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Hello, first of all, your proposal is well structured and detailed, but I am afraid is at least to my eyes, kind of wishful thinking: the platform might take a lot of time in order to have a real impact, and I do not know how much effective can be. I truly believe that if you succeed in your goal the objective will be great, but I can't see that happening easily, despite that is very well designed. 

Ralf Lippold

Oct 20, 2017


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Hi Ark 2.0-Team,
As the contests' semi-final phase is coming to an end I am loosely browsing some proposals and found yours.
The idea of digitally pulling together currently fragmented actions/stakeholders so that one can learn and enable others to take (even small actions) sounds excellent. I know about the questions of engagement especially in the early phase of such a project (having worked around such challenges myself for a while).

What small actions have you taken already, in which context and with which particular stakeholder groups? 

What went well? What not? What are your assumptions about the reasoning?

Would be great to see you in the semi-finals, and your project on the progress path!

Best of success, Ralf 

PS.: Have you by any chance contact with the folks of the Climate Interactive (based also at MIT)? A conversation with them could open new opportunities towards success of your project.