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Alexander Hurley

Aug 31, 2017


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I really like the concept and could see people being excited about something like this, but I am thrown off a little by the branding. When you say "homeoffice" it makes me think of staying at home and working, not going out on the town on foot. Is there perhaps a better label and tagline to convey just exactly what you are trying to get people to do? An example could be "Walk to Work Wednesday" or something like that which helps to create the proper image in your audience's mind. 

Eduardo Fracassi

Sep 6, 2017


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thank you so much for your suggestion!

Our apologies for taking some time to answer.

We implemented your suggestion and took away "homeoffice" from the proposals name and pitch.

We are now trying to complete the presentations, in particular de calculus of savings of energy, GHG emissions, and dollar savings associated to the idea.



Julia Radice

Sep 6, 2017


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I like this practice proposal and would love to see a city engaged in something like this. In the long term impacts section you forecast an increase in recycling – I’m curious why – as much of this practice proposal has to do with commuting behavior. If you're able to go into that connection more, that would be helpful. Another comment: the app you mention calculates the walking of people engaged with the app – that is not necessarily giving you a figure related to GHG emissions abatement or energy savings though it is related to healthy lifestyles. You may want to consider a format where people sign up/commit and have to fill out some basic information (i.e. do you commute to work, how do you commute, how long does it take, etc.) if you want to be able to calculate some sort of estimate around avoided emissions (and note that you could only really account for those who use cars since buses will likely still run). You may have this in mind, but it was not clear in the initial description. 

Anastasia Kouki

Sep 9, 2017


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A very good designed proposal and well calculated. I believe that if you can find a way for even daily engagement of people to the practices mentioned here it will be a real positive shifting behaviour into an environmental friendly future.

The "homeoffice" idea seems quite original but I think its effectivity it remains to be proven during reality terms.  I think the real boosting of this idea will by local communities or even cities to engage themselves so much in this idea that will officially support some of the sub-proposals mentioned here.

Good luck with the realization of your project is always the hardest part.