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The non-profit company, will sell recylced paper cards for all occasions. The purchase of each card would plant 1+ tree across the world



A major problem is that most people are living a drone like existence and don't have the means of meaningfully adressing climate change. Thsi projects seeks to inject climate change into their lives while also providing them with a beautiful solution. For every happy occasion: birthday, wedding, birth, Christmas, Eid, Hanukkah, graduation, promotion etc, you plant a tree to honor them. For life's more sad occasions, such as someone's passing away you honor the deceased by planting a tree in their honor.

The trees planted increase beauty, fight pollution, abet soil nutrition, stop soil erosion, help mitigate droughts and floods and sequester enormous amounts of carbon. In short with something as simple as buying a card for an occasion we are giving people the power to fight climate change and save lives in a very tangible way. 

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

We will create a state of the art online e-commerce platform to sell beautiful cards. The company will operate as a non-profit so that maximum monies are able to go towards tree-planting, which is the raison d'etre of the company's existence.  

Our cards will b made of recycled paper and will be completely compostable in order to eradicate waste and make the business cradle-tocradle. 

Our shipping will be use FedEx CarbonNuetral shipping. 

Who will take these actions?

We will create the card company. In terms of donating money to the organizations that are experts in planting trees, we will also be intimately involved with organizations working across the globe to strategically plant trees such as the Bonn Challenge, the Carbon Fund, Trees for the Future etc.

Where will these actions be taken?

We will begin with selling the cards online and then start reaching out to large companies that sell cards such as Paper Source or Whole Foods (strong mission alignment with them) etc to carry our cards. 

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

United States

Country 2


Country 3

United Kingdom

Country 4


Country 5



What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

We believe that we can sequester up to 240 tons of carbon in just the first year. 

We assume that e can sell 10,000 cards in the first year, where each card will plant one tree leading to 48 pounds of carbon sequestration per tree per year, which in total could be 480000 pounds or 240 tons.

It is our hope that  people, esp. millennials who are increasingly worried about climate change will buy into this company hook, line and sinker and that will contribute tremendously to the growth of the brand (which in turn will allow for many tons more of carbon sequestration). 

What are other key benefits?

This proposal seeks to do two primary things:

a) Make the climate conversation and part of the solution tangible for ordinary people

b) On a material level have at least some sequestration impact.



What are the proposal’s projected costs?

Getting the boots of the ground will cost us $15-20,000 at least.


Short term: 240 tons of carbon per year

Medium term: 5000 tons over 5-10 years. 

About the author(s)

Taimur Malik is an cradle-to-cradle/circular fashion entrepreneur and an regenerative organic farmer who believes strongly in the virtues of carbon farming & agroecology. He was formerly a Citibanker who read economics & finance at Columbia University in New York.

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