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Alexander Hurley

Aug 31, 2017


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Sounds like an important topic! I hope you are able to finish the proposal before the deadline. 

Anastasia Kouki

Oct 1, 2017


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I believe that your project can have a positive impact on the communities that you are targeting, but to the point that is not finished to give more details of the actual demands seems really vacant. You will need an efficient planning and resources for your goal. I could recommend the use of a business empowerment tool, such as the Business Model Canvas by  Strategyzer ( in order to much requirements with targets and budgetary needs. Generally, you can use a lot of tools, like PESTEL-DG and SWOT Analysis, Risk-Assesment Analysis, etc. to help you organize and conduct your project. In general, terms your proposal is very good, but it needs strong capacity - building for itself in order to have impact and results.

Best of luck in your project!!!

Amira Odeh

Oct 23, 2017


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Thank you for your input! I have been able to add more details to this application. Thanks!