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Convened by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence’s Climate CoLab, the Crowds & Climate conferences bring together leaders from businesses, non-profit organizations, governments and communities around the world to explore the possibilities of a new technology-enabled, crowd-based approach to tackling climate change.

Climate CoLab: Crowdsourcing solutions to climate change

Inspired by the work of Wikipedia and Linux, the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence developed Climate CoLab, an online crowdsourcing platform where people work with experts and each other to create, analyze, and select detailed proposals for what to do about climate change.

Climate CoLab runs over a dozen annual contests, seeking innovative proposals for how to address a broad set of sub-problems at the heart of the climate change challenge. Contest topics include decarbonizing energy supply, changing social attitudes, and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Conference Organizers

Crowds & Climate is hosted by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence's Climate CoLab, and co-sponsored by four groups at MIT working on aspects of climate change:




Conference Reach

  • 200-300 in-person attendees
  • 1000+ online attendees
  • 30+ countries represented

In 2015 & 2016, Crowds & Climate are run in conjunction with MIT’s Solve initiative and HUBweek, a week-long city-wide festival celebrating ideas and innovation in the Boston area hosted by MIT, Harvard University, the Boston Globe, and Mass General Hospital.  In 2015, HUBweek convened more than 46,000 attendees and 70+ collaborating organizations.

Who Attends

Keynote speakers in previous years included Fred Krupp of the Environmental Defense Fund, Andrew Revkin of the New York Times, Anthony Leiserowitz of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Jeremy Grantham of Grantham Mayo van Otterloo (GMO) and the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, and others.

Other speakers and attendees have joined from the Executive Office of the President of the United States, US State Department's Office of Global Change, US Environmental Protection Agency, World Bank, Offices of the Mayor of the Cities of New York and Boston, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, National Audubon Society, Sierra Club, CERES, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and many others.