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Changemaker Challenge 2019

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Aug 25, 2019 05:00 EDT - Oct 30, 2019 12:00 EDT
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Oct 30, 2019 12:00 EDT
How can digital and technological initiatives, products, services or tools help to make travel and mobility more sustainable?

Thank you to all who submitted ideas to the Changemaker Challenge. Unfortunately, none were selected by the team of Judges; but they sincerely thank all the great ideas that came out of this contest. Please follow up with to learn more about what idea was selected. Winners will be announced later in the year. 

It is self-evident that the decision to live more sustainably heavily affects ones travel and mobility habits. Negative effects such as CO2 emission, over-tourism, pollution and overstraining of travel destinations have become the self-induced enemies of our time. We believe that digital and technological solutions can enable a more sustainable future of Travel & Mobility Tech, both by changing the travelers' behavior and the nature of resources.

For that reason, this changemaker challenge is looking for ideas on how to boost sustainability in travel and mobility with technology and digitization. Students, early-stage startups and professionals from around the globe are welcome to submit their ideas.

*Please note that this challenge is additionally called out by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub on A submission of your idea is possible either here via the Climate CoLab platform and via the official changemaker challenge landing page.

17 Proposals
Financing crop insurance to cover climate-induced damages of smallholder farmers based on travellers footprint and the social cost of carbon
App to tailor a travel plan according to the best sustainable options available from your home up to the end of your travel
Software application program for Facilitating Hotel & Restaurant Services Provision
Reward travelers who keep their older smartphones with a universal green income for purchasing eco-friendly items in airline catalogs.
Software application that will enable travelers to search and select bedrooms, pay and reserves them for durations they want ahead of time.
Implement and use the production of low-emission fuels for mobility with the help of a own energy supply
GCF lets people or services serve one another or participate in the same forum or request via the internet
Looking for a new adventure? Experience a tour ride in bicycle with a local guide and discover new places in a healthy and sustainable way. 
redefines the way people travel by inspiring and empowering people to showcase nice travel experiences, while protecting nature and culture.
Tourism especially in metropolitan areas will be able to leave a minimal carbon footprint by means of clean energy boat tours.
Efficient transport would see the most people moved in the fewest vehicles. Mini-buses are a fundamental missing component of that.
Innovations PEMF (Potential Electro Motion Force) and multi wires method for Interactive Greeting Machine (IGT)
Imagine a system turning your movement into environmental wealth - allowing you to own a tangible and positive environmental impact.
Using citizen experience to turn disconnected cycling infrastructure into a comprehensive network.
Global blockchain based solution encouraging individuals and institutions in saving planet and society.
Instead of dumping out water and other substances, they should be donated or used to water plants in the airports.
All airlines should take every Wednesday off. Save fuel and labor costs. Get the flying public engaged in climate issues.