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Adejoke Bayowa

Oct 27, 2019


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Well done for the work thus far on this project, It seems to be ready to fly now as there are just few days to the end for proposal creation. Thank you for suggesting an approach to make even google greener by suggesting being a co-funder for this proposal.

Just a few observation, the 'pitch' for the proposal and the topic refer to smartphone mitigating approach only, though the proposal talks about other devices like laptops and computer, Is it necessary to re-frame the topic or pitch or both to include other devices mentioned in the proposal?

Also, the points donation or transfer you mentioned for the bicycle use is a good one, Is it possible to also integrate other means of transportation or hotel in this 'green charity' intentions? 

The proposal looks excellent to me and I greatly look forward to seeing it at the finals.

Best regards,


Protect Earth'slungs

Feb 4, 2020


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Thank you all for your thoughtful and inspiring comments.