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All airlines should take every Wednesday off. Save fuel and labor costs. Get the flying public engaged in climate issues.



I have written to most major airlines and asked for a Flying Sabbath or NoFlyWednesday.  Most of them responded with a letter or a call from customer service but it was obvious that the climate issue is still off of their radar screen.  If they want to take control of their future, they must be more pro-active.  Saving fuel and labor costs are important, but engaging the flying public may be even more important.  Tourism will not suffer as travelers will have to stay an extra night if they travel on Wednesday.  Ticket prices may increase, but that's OK.  

Part of the problem is that the media do not realize that their readers can be problem solvers and an important part of finding solutions.  ( I covered some of this in a 2012 Youtube video "New Climate Dice and the Media" by josuter.  ).   Washington has not taken the lead as they should have, so it will be up to the rest of us.  Division of Labor in processing information will be key.  My next video may address some of this in detail.  

What concrete idea do you propose?

I will write to the airlines and ask for a Flying Sabbath, preferably during the week.  I will also find others to do the same.  

Who will take these actions?

Myself and any others that I can enlist on Instagram and Facebook.  


What impact will these actions have on sustainability within Travel & Mobility?

Engaging the flying public in climate issues. 

Saving fuel and labor costs (one seventh of each at the beginning).  Airlines contribute to a growing part of carbon in the atmosphere.  

About the team members

I am a scientist by nature and a retired physician who lives in Pennsylvania in the US.  I have two sons in a high school where no one talks about climate issues.  They don't even seem to know about the SchoolStrike4Climate that will be held on Sept 20.  I will try to enlist some High School Students.  Members of the Citizens Climate Lobby may help too.