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Tourism especially in metropolitan areas will be able to leave a minimal carbon footprint by means of clean energy boat tours.



Rivers are often the unseen resource of major cities. If a space could be created for tourists to understand the environmental issues of rivers and their interaction with cities, a greater awareness could be created on this issue. What is proposed is tourism by means electric boats for urban river cruises with environmental documentaries being screened in a festival format.Ideally, these boats would be powered by alternative energy, solar, wind, and related sources.

   Tourists would be able to visit different cities on the festival circuit and may even be able to vote for the best documentary in the festival competition. The issues of the river in various communities can explored and discussed while maintaining a low carbon footprint.


What concrete idea do you propose?

  The action proposed it to create a protocol and a website for the project.

    The protocol allows tour businesses all over the world to participate by marketing themselves as implementing the protocol of alternative energy powered electric boat tourism and environmental topics being presented on the tour. 

     The website, designed especially for travel agents, would allow travelers to know of the events as well for the tours to be booked.

Who will take these actions?

  The key actors would be mainly travel agents. Municipalities benefit form the creation of these tours and can promote the project.

The key factor is the website and any service providers for the management of the tour data and the online booking of the tours.


What impact will these actions have on sustainability within Travel & Mobility?

     This project will not only create clean energy travel for the tourism industry, but will promote issues such as sustainable technology by means of the events on the boat tours.

About the team members

The author of this project is Winston Grace, GMS-T (Mobility and Relocation Designation)