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Michele Stua

Michele Stua


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Qualified analyst and consultant specialized in international politics and climate change mitigation and finance.

With a university degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Trieste) and a PhD in Politics, Human Rights and Sustainability (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies), I have managed to develop exceptional skills in analyzing issues relating international; development and politics.

After some years spent in international cooperation (operating in Angola and Philippines) I decided to turn towards an academic career, focusing my studies on climate change, with special attention to the market mechanisms established by the Kyoto Protocol (e.g. the Clean Development Mechanism).

My academic activity had been based at the Science and Policy research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex, for about six years, allowing me to dedicate most of my time to further develop my research in the field of climate policy and finance, while becoming a recognized member of the climate-related scientific community in United Kingdom and abroad.

My research has led to the design of a comprehensive proposal, or roadmap, aimed at establishing a global carbon market as viable solution to reach ambitious but fair mitigation targets worldwide. The current structure of the proposal is the result of a joint effort developed by a team of academics that voluntarly accepted to collaborate with me for its development.

Parts of the proposal have been successfully introduced in papers and formal and informal international meetings alike: invited to speak in front of the Joint Commission on Climate Change of the Federal Parliament of Brazil in August 2014, I then had the opportunity to further discuss the main topics of the research during the COP20 in Lima and in different meetings with key actors (both policy-makers and relevant stakeholders) from United Kingdom, China, Brazil, USA, Italy among the others.



Establishment of a sound technical system to distribute emissions reductionsAug 30, 2015

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Michele Stua updated a proposal Establishment of a sound technical system to distribute emissions reductionsOct 13, 2015
Michele Stua updated a proposal Establishment of a sound technical system to distribute emissions reductionsSep 24, 2015