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I suggest arranging a reforesting "Olympics" in a selected desert in some developing country.



Professionals in most countries around to world would like to consider the silviculture practices and knowledge in their respective countries as the best ones. This contest will provide a space for them to move from words to action. A deserted area in some developed country is chosen as the "Olympic arena", each country is assigned randomly an patch to forest. The progress in measured every fourth year (Olympic interval), and the country which patch has shown the best progress, measured for example by carbon uptake with bonus for agroforestal outputs, is cored the Olympic winner.

Similar contests can also be arranged in other fields, for example agriculture. Which countries are best in agricultural practices suited for a warming world?

Which proposals are included in your plan and how do they fit together?

As the Olympics essential asks: "Which activites can best reduce climate impacts and enhance resilient adaptation to climate change in [agriculture and] forestry?" all the proposals in Agriculture and forestry 2013 fit with this plan.

Almost many of the suggestion in the Land Use: Agriculture, Livestock & Forestry 2014 are fit.

and 2015

The "Olympics" would provide a testing ground for putting them into action.

Explanation of the emissions scenario calculated in the Impact tab

What are the plan’s key benefits?

Creating an friendly and encouraging albeit competitive atmosphere for finding and exchanging solution to climate change.

What are the plan’s costs?

The selected and willing developing country will provide the "arena" for the Olympics for free in exchange for the benefits of reforestation.

The participant countries will pay for their own expenses as in normal Olympics.

Opportunities for sponsorships will appear.


What are the key challenges to enacting this plan?


Olympics every fourth year.

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The proposal for an online management and finance platform for sustainable forestry projects provides an alternative for financing this proposal. On the other hand, this proposal present an way to examine proposed forestry projects.