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Vladimir Tretyakov

Vladimir Tretyakov


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I am Vladimir Tretyakov, living in Republic of Belarus since 1958. Theoretical physicist on my first specialization (PhD in 1968) and humane sciences researcher on the second [IAIT DSc (Philosophy) in 2001]. Being retired I am managing website as its author and two other websites, and as both their author and IntelTech resource director. I am as well managing Free School for Panoramic Thinking on and two blogs on WordPress: (English) and (Russian). Above that I have 4 collection of Russian language papers (whole above 100) represented on website of Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Sciences. Membership in international academies: FM, IAIT (information technologies), CM, IAG (gerontology), CM, IAE (ecology). Representative powered by IAIT at UN/DPI. I hope just my doctoral thesis (2001) Searching Algorithms Recommended by Nature: A New Nature-Philosophy will be useful me for CoLab research. UN Launches Global Conversation on Sustainable Development On November 22, the United Nations launched a campaign ahead of its major conference on sustainable development in June next year, inviting governments, non-governmental organizations and people everywhere to engage in a global conversation about the communities they want to see in the future, from Info CENN. The campaign Rio+20: The Future We Want aims to encourage people to envision how societies can build a future that promotes prosperity for everyone without degrading the planetary natural environment, and to contribute their ideas through various mediums - photos, letters, essays and drawings which will be combined to form an exhibit at the conference next year, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have joint this action on December 8, 2011.


Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'Oct 1, 2011

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Global Ark ProjectsSep 15, 2011
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Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'Sep 28, 2011


Vladimir Tretyakov updated a proposal Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'Oct 26, 2011
Vladimir Tretyakov updated a proposal Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'Oct 20, 2011
Vladimir Tretyakov updated a proposal Fix the system - get a global 'circular economy'Sep 14, 2011