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Bruno Passarelo

Oct 31, 2017


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The amount of GHG emission reduction in not possible to estimate in first place, because our proposal (VGP) is an online platform to measure and identify the GHG emission sources in the supply chain from VGP's users, aiming to control them.

VGP's users can act to reduce these emission through adopting good environmental practices.

Thereby, VGP will help their user to understand their emission sources and share initiatives, ideas and technologies more efficient to reduce and/or offset them, everything online, secure and integrate.

  • First, VGP help their users to diagnose their environmental problem, in this case, GHG emission.
  • Second, VGP recommends some solution to reduce.
  • Third, VGP offers to offset their unavoidable GHG emission.
  • Last, VGP gives information about adaptation about climate change.