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Anastasia Kouki

Oct 17, 2017


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Hello, first of all, congratulations for your proposal seems well designed and analytic. Secondly, I do not see its immediate effect, for example, what makes you think that Augmented Spaces will enhance people to be engaged to more sustainable behaviours, when disaster pictures that showed on tv the last years from real incidents have no impact on them. In general terms is a good proposal, though for its conduction you will need extra materials, the production of which might not be so environmentally friendly, and what happened afterward, how many times do you plan to use them before you will need new. Anyway, I hope you will succeed in your goal. 

Ralf Lippold

Oct 20, 2017


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Hello Miksham, hello Rudrani,

Your project has drawn my attention, as I just played around with an AR app for a four-week art event here in Dresden. Due to the fact that the technological advancement for public usage is still in an early phase and often a bit rough and not offering the intended outcome (as Anastasia mentioned already). 

Nevertheless, I'd encourage you to check out OneReality (they are working on virtual realities in urban contexts, envisioning the future). 

What workable similar projects (around the world) do you know of that could be helpful to progress your project?

Best of success, and keep on working! 



Caroline Liu

Nov 26, 2017

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Thank you for submitting your contest proposal.

A Climate CoLab Impact Assessment Fellow who specializes in Land Use has conducted an impact assessment of your proposal which you can find under the “IMPACT” tab. Please review the documentation and model parameters. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact Qingshi at zeratel.

Impact Assessment Fellows

Caroline Liu

Nov 26, 2017

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Edit: The Impact Assessment fellow who specializes in this contest, not Land Use, conducted the assessment.