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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Be more specific about funding and resources that have already been acquired

Sounds reasonable and worth pursuing: “We propose to launch an Architectural College Design Competition to generate prototypes of 100’s of ARC facilities, and spread the ARCs concept globally. By example, the “Solar Decathlon” * has grown to become a model for such a competition around the issue of Solar Energy, with DOE sponsorship and $2 Million in annual prizes.” Good precedent from the Solar Decathlon. That said: 1) I do worry about projects that require significant new infrastructure and thus a substantial cost. 2) ARC sounds so familiar to me. Haven't I seen this proposal in an earlier iteration as part of the CoLab contests? 3) What progress have you made since the previous submission?

I like the idea of an architectural competition to generate innovative ideas for the Climate ARCs. However, I would like to see much more specificity around 2 issues: First, what is the ultimate purpose of the Climate ARCs? Education space? Community meeting space? Climate disaster relief structure? I would like to understand more clearly the intended goal of an ARC. Second, I would like to see more detail about how the competition would be judged and what the awards would be. If a team wins the competition, do they get funding to build the ARC? If so, that cost would need to be included in the overall costs section of the proposal.

I really like this proposal. The impacts, costs, and challenges are well addressed. I would like to see how the author plans to make this a global network, however, because I feel like the timeline only addresses the project as it exists in the US.

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