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The shift in attitude & behavior will occur only when enlightenment and passion are incorporated in the fight against climate change.



The shift in attitude & behavior will occur only when enlightenment and passion are incorporated in the fight against climate change.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?

Not sure

What actions do you propose?


I recently was selected among thousands of participants who applied to attend the Climate Reality Project Organization, leadership training corps program in denver Colorado, United States of America.

This organization is chaired by Ex-Vice President Mr.Albert Gore, the training held in from 2nd-5th of March 2017,this program was organized with the sole aim of developing intellectual capacity while promoting bigger ideas and creative innovations to assist tackle climate change.

The training grooms leaders who are willing to take climate action which is urgently needed to push and save mankind future.  

The United Nation climate change convention report that Africa and vulnerable nations like the small island nation will be at the receiving end of the negative impact of climate change crisis.

These are some of the reasons that fuel my desire and passion to act. 

These are the actions are proposed to carry out across the world, our organization will embark on 54 engagement which are called quests. They are majorly passionate desire or inborn talent in humans that members have to tackle or fight against climate changes.

These engagements/quests are the proposed climate actions that are to be taken help raise awareness and motivate the need takevaction. They include but are not limited to ; organizing and attending climate change training, making public and private presentations on climate change, getting involved in the mobilization of campaigns, marches and rallies by other non-profit environmental organization that share similar aims and objectives with our group.

The original symbolic reason for having 54 quests/engagement, rest on the fact that there are 54 African countries on the continent, and the United Nations report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change for 2015 says that Most of African countries will be in a vulnerable situation as a result of climate change impact, but the proposed action was expanded to involve Island nations who are also greatly affected.

This proposal involve global collaboration between these nations and western or advanced countries this is to mitigate some of the effects of Climate change, bearing in mind that the current impacted of climate change is a cumulative effect of human activities and extensive industralization by most western nations.

Subsequently, for every engagement carried out, they will symbolize the various nations majorly affected by climate change.

All engagement are transferred to the various social media platforms, that equally enjoys members to do likeeise. This engagements or quest will continue till the 54 quests are completed which is at the end of 2017.

This way much more attention will be drawn to each of the affected country.                               
This proposal also ensure education and proper understanding of the climate change science and likely solutions that can be made, knowing that there can really not be a more perfect time than now, when the global impact of climate change has manifested in various environmental ways and world powers are realigning and developing technological innovation for a better environment. 

More importantly this global project aims to groom a new crop of global leaders and followers to protect our environment and the earth.

While raising awareness, fostering partnership and offering innovative technological solutions on the cross-cutting areas related to climate change and sustainable development.  

This project solves the problem of gathering different individuals from various socio-economic staus to work together on climate change by sharing their action on social media platforms, all these are aimed to facilitate the urgent need to take climate action.

This is my motivation and it is driving my decision to start immediately these quests, which has become an ecological obligation for me and hopefully will be replicated all around the globe.

Nature is silently reacting to our excess and lavish lifestyle as humans.
Therefore, the time to act is now and with some much confusion being perpetrated by climate change deniers, the main reason why I decided to propose these actions.

The summary of the achievement of the project hinges on the fact that a better understanding of the climate science and building personal capacity and knowledge base on climate change. I believe we owe it to Mother Nature to live responsibly while taking care of all things nature placed on earth.

The proposal's objective is to leave earth far better than we saw it, especially for generations coming behind.     

Who will take these actions?

All participants who are members of group are to ensure that they carry out quest approved by the organization.

Various environment organization are partnering with us, like climate reality project , lets do it world and united nation. They help fund the training of our members.

While the author who is our CEO help to coordinate activities of the organization.

Where will these actions be taken?

The proposed action will be taken in various conference, rallies, march and protect all over the world.

It also can be done in university and rural communities in Africa.

With the help of social media 50 000 members can be organized to take action.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

No country selected

Country 2

No country selected

Country 3

No country selected

Country 4

No country selected

Country 5

No country selected


What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

Our action has helped to raise awareness in most of the affected nations. By making citizens adapt and they are aware of the impact of climate change

What are other key benefits?

This proposal can be integrated to the city plans because it can get people to take action and collaborate to make the city clean


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

The project is to cost over 9,000. Dollars


Short term impact is awareness and enlightenment is attained

Medium term all nation will be implementing


Long term mankind will have change lifestyle


About the author(s)

A Little Biography
I have a nine years old experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor degree in Dental surgery but i have passion for the environment. I work with a community-based organization to advance climate change and raising awareness on important health challenges in society. I am an activist and multiple award winner in 2015 l. I have volunteered and made presentation on medical training for young doctors and volunteered in numerous free healthcare services for several groups, i made a paper presentation during World Medical Association/ Junior Doctors Network conference in Norway 2015 , i also presented at UNESCO bioethics conference in October 2015,in Italy. Through these national and global experiences, i have been able to imbibe ideas that are grounded in African realities, while building my capacity for independent thinking and expanding his knowledge base to develop transformational ideas for positive change in his country. I have built healthy partnership with a lot of positive thinkers all over the world.
Gbujie major areas of interest are environmental protection, education, health advocacy program and youth leadership

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