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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Feasibility issues - getting the government involved and push notifications

The barriers to climate action outlined in the proposal are critical and an Enviro Commons platform has the potential to provide tools to those who are concerned about the issue but are unsure how to act. The government partnership piece could use additional development; the emergency notification component, in particular, may be less feasible than allowing push notifications through an app.

The basic idea articulated here makes sense to me: sharing information on an open platform to build collective efficacy. However, it is a massive undertaking and no specific approaches to launching it and scaling it out--or even to curating and managing its content--are explained, so that it presents as too general and abstract to be a real proposal. The submission would be improved by the addition of more specific and concrete strategies, and more specific and concrete language too.

I like the idea of this proposal. I think it would have a significant positive impact. However, I am concerned about Canada as the initial test case. Due to Canada's anti-spam law, someone has to sign up for a platform directly, as opposed to having a platform 'attached' to the function of something else. I think a lot of Canadian cities would really love to engage in this program; however, individuals would have to sign up for the 'Enviro Commons' directly, as opposed to operating through the emergency services system.

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