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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This is an interesting idea but the impact on greenhouse gas emissions seems low. It might have an impact on carbon-friendly behavior if implemented on a large scale; however, the proposal does not have much detail in terms of what would actually be done, when and how the budget would be allocated. Also, for this to be successful, detailed life-cycle assessment data on tens of thousands of different consumer products would be needed. This would be very challenging. If you wanted to resubmit next year, we would suggest you develop a small pilot project showing more details and a timeline.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

The proposal is based on a modern idea and if the app were to catch on India and elsewhere, it could significantly affect consumption and production patterns. We are pleased to advance this proposal to the next round. A risk analysis and mitigation strategy should be considered.

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Olawale Olaniyan

Oct 21, 2017


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In addition to the judges' suggestions, you may wish to include the idea of testing acceptability of this technology in your revised version.

Best of luck!


Atanu Garai

Oct 31, 2017


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Note: I have added the following paragraphs in the section 'What action do you propose'

Risks and mitigation

1. Business risk: Tek! aims to connect consumers in middle and lower middle economic classes in India, to improve their purchase and consumption. Bulk of their purchase happens in shops with no adoption of PoS/ connectivity, preventing auto data transfer to Tek! app. This challenge contributes to business risks.

Mitigation: Low cost hardware and free software can nudge new shops to adopt technology. However, we propose to identify and move ahead with modern lower-medium, medium, and large shops to start with.

2. Economic risk: We have proposed advertising as the key revenue model. However, this is a revenue model that is untested with retail shops. Suppliers and manufacturers are giving advertisements in consumer apps. It may take us longer than projected to see the revenue.

Mitigation: We have undertaken initial market research over this and it will be possible to engage the retail store through incentives and points to try out paid advertising.

3. Technology risk: We have identified that user privacy is a potential and significant risk.

Mitigation: We have not finalized a solution to this challenge yet. However, we have argued on the possibility of using aggregated data for targeted advertising and allow users to enable their own data storage facility (e.g. google drive/ box) to manage their data.