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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

While biogas is one of the better ways to utilize organic waste, this proposal is not particularly innovative and lacks details on how it would be developed and implemented. The proposal does do a thorough job of addressing challenges, including both technical and cultural challenges.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

Building small biogas plants at 30 farms is a good concept and could be a good start on sustainable animal farms. This proposal could be strengthened by explanations of costs and timeline. Additional opportunities for improving the proposal include addressing:
- What technology will the biogas production be based on?
- What are the technical and behavioral challenges that you hope to address and how will you address them?
- What skills do you have on your team, or do you need to add, to ensure that you will be successful?

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Geoffery Sempiri

Nov 6, 2017


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In our proposal, the following changes have been effected based on the judges comments in the following sections:

What action do you propose: 
We have added two paragraphs on the proposed biogas technology to be used and why that particular biogas technology.

Who will take these actions:
We have added the team members responsible for each component of the proposal.

Where will these actions be take:
We have edited this section to include the actual district in Uganda where this project will be piloted.

What are the key benefits.
We have expanded the other key benefits of implementing this proposed biogas project

This section was previously empty and now we have filled it giving the proposed budget needed to implement the project and anticipated challenges and proposed solutions. This section addresses the judges's comment of ''What are the technical and behavioral challenges that you hope to address and how will you address them? ''

Time lines:
This section has been now filled. Previously, it was left empty with no information added

This section has now been filled with team members with qualifications and professional experience necessary for the successful implementation of the project.

The list has been updated with more reference of biogas technologies