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Philip Scarbro

Aug 22, 2015


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First of all, I like the concept. That said, while the ability to pull real-time electricity consumption from the meter is a core element of Esave, it is not clear quite how this would be done. It's also unlikely that an app like this would go viral on its own. It would be nice to have a better understanding the envisioned marketing strategy, Nevertheless, assuming this piece of the functionality is able to be developed, and the app can be successfully marketed, I think that development of the app is actually going to be the easiest part. Getting users to actually act on the information presented is the more important piece, and much more difficult. Even if a measure makes economic sense, people need more. Measures have to be easy to identify, locate, purchase, and install. They have to not just be cost effective over the measure's life, but the upfront cost has to be affordable. Finally, the app needs to have long-term value, engaging the user in a way that they find value in using it regularly, being able to track and report tangible changes in energy use as a result of use of the app over time. It would be interesting to see these types of topics address in the proposal.