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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Proposal: Minimize Calculator Tool/Application

Contest: Shifting Attitudes & Behavior

Thank you for your contest entry. We appreciate your willingness to share your ideas and also the time and effort you put into developing a proposal and submitting it to the contest.

We, the Judges, have strongly considered your proposal and found that it contained intriguing elements; however, we have chosen to not advance it to the next round of competition.

We encourage you to keep developing your idea. Transfer your proposal to the Proposal Workspace to re-open it, make edits, add collaborators, and even submit it into a future contest. You can do so by logging into your account, opening your proposal, selecting the Admin tab, and clicking “Move proposal”.

We welcome you to stay involved in the Climate CoLab community: support and comment on proposals that have been named Semi-Finalists and finalists, and even volunteer to join one those teams if you have relevant expertise. During the voting period, you can help select the contest’s Popular Choice Winner. The Climate CoLab will be opening more contests in the coming months, and you are welcome to submit your proposals to those contests as well.

Keep up the great work. We hope that by working together, we all can create solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

2015 Climate CoLab Judges

Judges' Comments-

The proposed approach seems similar to energy/CO2 reduction calculators that have been widely available in many countries for the past decade. What has been learned from those tools? Do they work, or not? How will this tool improve on what those tools currently offer?

I like this idea and, while I am not very familiar with Indian society, the fact that it is targeting developing countries like India is appealing as they are critical to addressing the climate challenge. It wasn't clear to me whether cBalance plans to incorporate social media into their app, but it would seem worthwhile to do so. I was also unclear whether low income groups in India especially would have the interest and capacity to engage with this tool, especially if they don't have the capital to invest in up-front costs that are sometimes associated with GHG reduction efforts. However, if it can find ways to save people money, even for lower income groups in a country where per capita emissions are already low, it could have great utility. It would be helpful to see more specific examples to illustrate that potential.

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