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Shifting Attitudes & Behavior 2015

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Mar 6, 2015 08:00 EST - Jun 14, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Jun 14, 2015 12:00 EDT - Jul 1, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Jul 15, 2015 12:00 EDT - Aug 3, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Aug 3, 2015 12:00 EDT - Sep 13, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Sep 13, 2015 12:00 EDT
How can we shift perceptions, values, norms, and attitudes about climate change?

The seriousness and scale of the problem of climate change can sometimes create complexity, confusion, indecision, and ultimately, inaction. Behavior is shaped to a large extent by the dominant values, social norms, and attitudes of our society, but these forces aren’t well-aligned to the long-term, often subtle impacts of climate change. To combat this global problem, this contest seeks ideas on how to shift public perceptions of climate change: How do we promote norms and attitudes that recognize the importance of climate change issues? How do we turn individual and organizational inertia into concrete actions? How do we get the public energized in solving issues about climate change? We are especially looking for proposals that are fresh, achievable and scalable — ideas that are sustainable over the long term, and can be replicated in communities around the world.

71 Proposals
It’s 2050 and your granddaughter, Ohno, is suffering. Your climate action today will change her world and transform her life for the better.
National level campaign on energy conservation and renewable energy in Indian schools, aimed at building a network of Energy Ambassadors
New Climate Magazine speaks to the next wave of climate leaders—engaged citizens who are learning a new relationship to our world.
Empowering people to fight climate change by seeding a revolving fund for community-based solar energy through crowdfunding.
People are sloppy in part because prices let them be. In many cases it's cheaper to pollute than to conserve or recycle. We can fix tha
To change attitudes, change incentives. Let's make a digital currency that awards new coins to people who voluntarily offset carbon.
Targeting underserved renewable energy adopters, we will make solar accessible and desirable with an info hub & national ad campaign.
Mindful Meerkats is a playful lifestyle tracker that inspires to take life and happiness in your own hands via day-by-day challenges.
Create an online platform for crowds to score community risk and readiness, spur local discussion, and swap adaptation strategies.
Showcase motivating personal and community climate change stories and shape stories into artistic pieces to change public attitudes.
Messages on alternatives to slash and burn cultivation will be photosilkscreened and kiln-fired on eco-sustainable household items.
Generar una idea en Latinoamérica para la implementación de leyes en pro de la educación ambiental, como medio para cambiar el comportamiento y actitud que se debe tomar debido a la realidad de nuestro entorno.
GreenSpaceNewLife @simranvedvyas @SynergY plant trees to green landfills; reduce CO2 emmissions reduce waste increase healthy oxygen cover
Deriving patterns from sustainability performance data through an online platform to enable evidence based policy making.
Reduce your electrical energy consumption, carbon footprint and also your expenditure through the minimize calculator tool/application.
SUFI provides an integrated hub that sustainably manages the urban energy-water-food nexus in an era of climate change.
Create and support a network of “Well Cells” to increase personal well-being and reduce consumption of resources and emissions of carbon. imagines the future through the eyes of our children. When asked, “What did you do about climate change?” What will you say?
What if renewables and nuclear teamed up against fossils? How fast could we get to Zero carbon? First, can we get the two teams to talk?
Multidisciplinary scholarship program for millennials generate proposals for solving impacts of Climate Change in their country.
Nature is Art for Conservation - is a Citizen Science project using photography and educative films - Discovering Science Through The Lens.
Now is the time for Brands to Empower Stories that matter, to inspire the society to change for the better. Love is God - is one such story.
The challenge in getting people to understand WHY segregate is bigger than HOW. WHY has a MILLION reasons, can you add to make it a BILLION.
The challenge in getting people understand WHY manage waste is bigger than HOW. WHY has a MILLION reasons, can you add to make it a BILLION.
Organic growing brings in clear colors to our life. We should adopt these colors and avoid artificial colors today for a clean environment.
Inspiring Transition – Thousands of groups seeding transformative ideas into mainstream culture using engaging communication tools.
Disruptive Eating empowers each of us to make a contribution in this big fight against the global warming through the mundane act of eating
Connect students and community members via an online platform and local "Imaginings" to collaboratively design a climate stable society
Organizing the scientific community to assess the credibility of climate change media coverage to ensure an informed citizenry
The clock was still ticking - but in the real world he was outta time; the jig was up; the game was over!
We are building a community that uses the power and nature of fashion to create awareness and ignite new kinds of action.
Follow the #rhythm of your #mind, your #body, your #heart and your #soul ... then follow the rhythm of the #World ...
Building Dams across the world has stopped the flow of ice and snow melt to the oceans, progressing ocean warming.
'Disruptive Eating' empowers each of us to make a contribution to this big fight against the global warming through the healthy eating.
Lets mobilize for a clean green future, decide where we are going, visualize the ideal future and move toward it.
Raising awareness on environment issues and climate change in India through a large visibility campaign
Make it very transparant and visible who the biggest players are concerning climate change. make a big international yearly event
Eco Awareness starts in this generation. Let's talk now, before it's too late for the next generation.
Communication based aproaches for shifting public perceptions cannot spur sustained action: a systems approach focused on culture change can
Establish a web portal that curates expert-endorsed climate change information online, to improve information accessibility for non-experts
2 degrees/350ppm don't sound like threats. Gazillion units of carbon pollution do. The Climate Change Clock can help change this dynamic.
This Is Climate Change will educate, encourage, and empower individuals to take a stand against climate change.
Insights into perceptions and priority settings about risks can help to channel adaptation and mitigation actions down to local communities
Set up a national recycling drive, to replace household 2-cycle power tools with battery operated and manual alternatives.
Consumers to help global biodiversity through conscious altruistic consumption choices.
Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness, Responsibility And Action Creating the Will To Change
It's about art, it's about design, its about our planet, its about climate change and how we can make people aware of that.
MEGA Game is a gamified web platform and smartphone app that give you knowledge and power to create sustainable world by playing for impact.
Collect fruit seeds with students help grow fruit trees everywhere, distribute fruits free, with request to save seeds, use next year.
Sun Lunch: Simply making lunch a shared party helps shrink carbon use, nudging peak electric load closer to maximum solar output–for free!
Become a sentinel of climate change impacts ,disaster with your smartphone, help adapting and monitoring with the SIGNALERT reporting tools
The World SDG is real science for economic choices, global ESG balance sheet shares of responsibility for securing our home and future.
A common and accurate understanding of energy fundamentals is essential for our public dialog. Make energy a required high school class.
Need a good low MPG car as a secondary car used primarily for commuting? How does 100 MPG and capable of going 0 to 60 in 10 seconds sound?
La realización de un concierto, en donde los asistentes aporten a mejorar la situación del planeta y además se diviertan.
Using Community Rights Law, we will write a Treaty, democractically demanding a reallocation of war monies to Transition.
superfiduciary sponsorship of a planned early retirment of our existing fossil-based energy infrastructure
Many have heard,few have acted. We must protect ourselves from the danger that is forming right in front of our eyes. #protect #fight #live
We support a world in which sharing and gifting replaces the current economic system, where loving and caring are the exchange currencies.
I will pull together a global network of passionate conservationists to chronicle their restoration efforts.
Multiply prizes for breakthrough technologies by betting against them.
Vivergy is a free web platform that allows individuals to visualize their impact on local health, and improve local air quality.
A climate leave is the employee’s time off from work in an organization to care for the Earth through involvement in environmental projects.
Sustained campaign on global warming in all medias
Although seems like a very long shot, we try and form an international community to try to get nations to "go green".
YNCCC is a youth led initiative to link the youth with onging climate actions through discussion and actual involvemnt on climate projects.
Vote, act, change. A social media website built by and for the users.
Most proposals are nibbling around the edges of climate change. We need a global mindshift to turn the masses around? What is that shift?
The equivalent of a stadium to the sports industry. A sustainable-activity-centre is a local synergistic venue promoting eco-options.
Rather than increasing production output, reduce energy input to increase efficiency and align with the energy of nature & natural cycles