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Hannah Torres

Jun 8, 2015


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This is a fantastic idea, and I would love to have a tool like this available when I'm reading news media articles about climate change. One aspect that was a little unclear to me was how this tool could reach climate deniers who might not be specifically seeking out the most scientifically valid opinions. Would the proposed search engine rating for scientific credibility be a number that appears on the article itself? Very well done, exciting proposal.

Emmanuel Vincent

Jun 9, 2015


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@htorres Thank you for your interest in our proposal! Regarding our intended audience: people who deny science will very likely not be interested in science-based reasoning. The “dismissive” are thus outside our potential audience by definition; but there are only about 10% of them in the american population according to Leiserowitz’s “6 Americas” study. Our direct intended audience is more focused on journalists and people who are willing to hear from scientists but are confused by the contradictory messages that inundate the news. Regarding the “search engine rating”: yes the idea is to have the average scientific credibility appear as a number directly attached on the article.