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Eco Ocean Awareness by Eco Ocean Awareness

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Eco Awareness starts in this generation. Let's talk now, before it's too late for the next generation.



"We are Eco Citizens"...  and it's going to take this kind of awareness to change the direction of the empires running this Earth and Oceans into ecological disaster, just for profit... leaving "we the people" out in the storm... and a toxic environment created by a profit motivation over human health.

We the people... mostly a worldwide group of scuba diving citizens :-) ... now becoming the "Eco Ocean Citizens"...  among a growing percentage of people on Earth who care enough about the Ocean to protect it.  

Scuba divers have a first hand opportunity to photograph and bring the current coral reef health conditions to everyone's attention via social media... awareness is step one... only then can the "willingness" take root...  no awareness, no problem... out of sight, out of mind... and most of us tend to live in semi blind blissful state of mind unwilling to face the unfolding environmental disaster that could make the great depression look like a picnic... although not even all the scuba divers in the world can protect the coral reefs, if we don't reduce industrial pollution... yet don't want  to talk about it... that trillion ton elephant in the room... and this has lead me to this environmental pathway... and reconnecting with the "oneness" of all mother nature...  many of us have forgotten our natural reality... blindly in pursuit of an ego-driven "better life"... yet, the materialistic illusion crumbles to dust when you look into the eyes of a dolphin... if we the people don't take this on... who will?... certainly not industry... and who runs the governments... the same industrial polluters... meanwhile another dozen dead dolphins washes ashore... is anybody out there...

What actions do you propose?

Eco Ocean Awareness

Eco Awareness starts with our generation. Let's talk now, before it's too late for the next generation.

Years ago i wanted to do something to help protect coral reefs... so i got involved in coral reef restoration... moved to the Florida Keys, got a boat and a USCG captain's license... updated all my underwater equipment...  loved all my time on and under water, made tons of underwater digital images and video, made social media websites... and spoke to everyone about the need to protect the coral reefs... it's amazing how many Florida keys residents are unaware of the nature all around them...  

The good news is... we can be just as loving as the dolphins :-)

The bad news is... industrial "profiteers" are slowly killing the only known Living Oceans in the entire universe... and calling it a "good profit":

How ironic that most of the people who are saving the planet are unpaid volunteers... while polluting the planet is done by profiteering corporations that lobby politicians who are highly over paid and actually sworn to an oath to protect the public wellbeing.

The Blue Miracle Planet... 70% covered by miraculous deep blue water... although the Oceans seem infinite to our eye's view.... in fact all the water on Earth only makes up a precious 0.02% of the Earth's total mass... yet the Oceans give us over half the oxygen we need to live and breathe... without Our priceless Oceans... we will die... No Blue... No Green... for millions of generations we enjoyed the only known living Oceans in the entire universe... and after millions of years on Earth... most humans still wonder where we came from... and now with our newest scientific tools we have determined that the beautiful wonder of nature we call "The Nautilus"... has lived in the Oceans for more than 500 million years... until now... disappearing due to man-made, (anthropogenic) Ocean acidification and a few decades of industrial dumping millions of tons of highly poisonous chemicals into rivers worldwide... just for corporate / share-holder profit.... ignoring the damage to Life's Foundation... ignorance is bliss, short term.... long term, what will Earth's brand new Oceans cost... as if the shareholders could afford one...

More acidic Oceans will dissolve the fragile shells of the pteropods and probably the phytoplankton... and if the phytoplankton goes... there goes 50% of Earth's Oxygen supply... and then even the trees will fail... the frozen tundra with it's mega-tons of methane gas that is 20 time worse than CO2 as a green house gas... what is going to prevent that huge biomass and flammable gas from catching fire... when it does, can anyone put it out... now do you understand the global concern over the rapidly increasing CO2 that is caused by burning fossil fuels... turning the Oceans Acidic... dissolving the fragile shells of the pteropods and phytoplankton... the source of 50% of our Oxygen... phytoplankton is already down 40%... whales are starving to death... seafood is loaded with cancerous industrial chemicals... please tell me if i am wrong...

.... To simply stand in awe and truly appreciate the strength and wisdom of Life inside of one tree... is more than we will do in a Lifetime... thank you kind and beautiful silhouettes of Nature's truest heroes... you are the ones who made Life possible for us... every leaf shares it's Life with the tree and gives us Oxygen to breathe... thank you great trees... we owe you everything... and we cut you down in our ignorance and greed...

By the time we get to "vote" for enough leaders to protect the environment... it might be too late...

Thousands of scuba divers can share their visual experience of what's happening to the coral reefs worldwide to help people understand the Oceans are dying from the land based industrial pollution, climate change, and CO2 turning the Oceans more acidic.
 "Eco-alarm-bells" would be ringing... if big oil had not silenced the media... and humans are way too good at living "comfortably" in denial... similar to the famous frog experiment that will boil to death if the temperature goes up to a boil very slowly... we humans just don't seem to react until we hear the alarm clock buzzing... even then we hit "snooze"...

If we think the government can solve everything for us... just remember they could not even cap the BP oil well until it ran dry... and have you seen their "chem trail" attempts to cool the planet:

Global business "seems" to make the world-go-round.... and this planet will certainly "go-around" with us or without us... all the other trillions of dead planets spin perfectly, without Life... is there enough real Love for Life on this planet to protect it... does everyone really think this journey to infinity and beyond was just to store some cash in a bank...

When we sincerely think of our Relationship with Nature... knowing that Nature is always sharing Her creations... like the trees that birth from Her seeds... the leaves that give us all clean air and later... falling back to the Earth to continue flowing in the endless eco-cycle... nothing is left out of the cycle... all is created with Love in the cycle... and when we share in this eco-creativity... think of sharing an artist's creativity and your own creativity... both are enhanced... and our Love of the Natural environment we are all a part of... Living in harmony with the Nature we are all One with... this internal and infinite awareness that you share in your Heart with the world... and this does not change with the name of your religion or the label we give to it... or the logo we wear...

If we, supposedly intelligent humans, destroy the source of so much Life in the Universe.... the question is not will we survive... but should we... Can we learn to respect Life in Our Living Oceans before we kill every living creature that has lived a healthy Life for millions of generations long before we arrived to walk upright on land. Are we so egotistically arrogant as to destroy our very own Ocean Home... Do we realize our origins are so much more likely Aquatic than we dare to dream... Rocks were formed in fire... and when struck together, give fire... the Oceans Give Life Itself... and while we have this Gift... dare we stand Lifeless... allowing the destruction of our Aquatic Life Base... with apathetic heads bowed down... to industrial profiteers... who will later tell us they were the "successful" ones...

The whales are dying at our feet:

Coral Reefs:

coral today

Who will take these actions?

Individuals and scuba divers can share their visual experience of what's happening to the coral reefs worldwide to help people understand the Oceans are dying from the land based industrial pollution, climate change, and CO2 turning the Oceans more acidic. 

coral today

Where will these actions be taken?

Social media, websites:

My Facebook Eco Pages

Google Profile:



How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Shift public awareness to rally for global climate protection. 




What are other key benefits?

Eco Awareness starts with our generation. Let's talk now, before it's too late for the next generation.



What are the proposal’s costs?


Time line


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