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Organic growing brings in clear colors to our life. We should adopt these colors and avoid artificial colors today for a clean environment.



Today we look at bright things that are colorful as the best in the food we consume. But in the context of organic foods, this is not true. The colors and shapes of food grown is far from being visually appealing at times. But this is the natural output. Artificial coloring should be stemmed out of our system.

The larger context is for growing food that is pesticide free for consumption is the aim of this campaign.

The communication campaign aims to be 2 dimensioned. One part - In these colors, we find ours... is the line for Corporate organisations to demonstarte their belief in and implement in their food chains for their employees and the Second part - In these colors, I find mine is for each person to adopt for themselves and their families.

This campaign visually establishes the color that is rich and well polished artificially as the one that needs rejection while understanding the chemicals used in bringing it to this shape and design of perfection. 

The organic naturally grown food produce is to be celebrated as the true color of perfection. The perfection that is nature provided perfection.

The appeal of the campaign will lie in telling people to set a new belief in the way they look at colors and nature. The people at large will be educated on the power of organic approach and the safety with regard to health and growth linked to it. The positive effect on environment goals and climate change.

The false power of chemicals in leading us astray in choice of our foods will be established in this campaign. This will position the fact of real color versus the produced color.

In these colors, we find ours

In these colors, I find mine

What actions do you propose?

The communication campaign will look at internalised & externalised corporate campaigns where in the awareness media display kit a lot of interesting & educative features will be presented.

The highlights of this is to defeat the key lines of common belief - the concept of beautiful looking vegetable and fruit with artificial colors being good for us.

The beautiful exterior should not be parameter of judging of judging fresh food and therby promoting ORGANIC approach & appreciation for that.

This visual communications with the lines 

In these colors, we find ours - (The Corporate Synergy With The World's Environment Goals)

In these colors, we find mine - (Each Individual's Solidarity With The World's Environment Goals)



Who will take these actions?

The actions by all organizations would be to help adopt this campaign and make it their own - 

This has 2 dimensions - Importantly the key difference between the regular campaigns are that they work in a single dimension - what if we include the organisation to espouse its belief and the same being also the belief of each individual in it.

This can be the larger trigger for transformational change.

Bring all into the fold & work together.


Where will these actions be taken?

The locations across the world can benefit with this campaign. This can help the youth adopt to this early too. 

The need to ask better questions will emerge from this exercise.

The lines in English are meant for a global campaign and for India specific in HINDI.





How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Today our environment is burdened by the exceptional amount of chemicals found in our growing of food.

The need for growing enormous amount of food too is the need of the planet for the consumption pattern that has settled across the globe.

Our ENVIRONMENT needs the respite and in turn help meet the goals for a better world.


What are other key benefits?

Pesticides and chemicals contaminate the soil, water supply and air causing harmful environmental problems at large including erosion.

The cause of organic growing is way to help stabilise the environment form further degradation and build hope for a better tomorrow.

Highlight the fact of Real versus Artificial.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The costs involved in building the campaign would be towards the media content and appropriate study to implement the media across the target groups.

The visual content will play the key role and in suggesting the adoption of colors as one angle of approach to gather attention and educate widely. 

Time line

This is never to end campaign as more it builds on the minds of people the more enriched it will be. The transformational change is the need of the hour and a sense of permanence is the goal.

The approach to bring in this change needs to 2 dimensional with the corporate organisations involved with the individuals.

Brand Radianz delves on bringing behavioural change, which brings lasting impact in the society.


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