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Building Dams across the world has stopped the flow of ice and snow melt to the oceans, progressing ocean warming.



1. The Building of Dams to generate electricity has stopped the flow of rivers, which for millions of years, carried ice and snow melt to the oceans to cool it (and carry nutrients to it)

2. This is causing the progression of ocean warming to outpace the threat of global warming, and is the greatest threat to the present ecology for many reason that We will discuss in the next section.

What actions do you propose?

1. Ocean warming causes the loss of Pyhtoplankton habitat, which was responsible for producing 70% of the worlds oxygen production and carbon sequestering.

a. Phyto plankton cannot reproduce in warm surface waters. And is the base food source of the entire ocean food chain.

2. The deforestation of the land (which produced only 30% of the worlds oxygen and carbon sequestering is of a lesser concern than the loss of phytoplankton habitat, which produces 70% of the worlds oxygen.

a. and the imminent starvation of the oceans will result from ocean warming, that will lead to the lack of phytoplankton growth.

3. It is my contention that the global warming process killed the dinosaurs at the K/T boundary, and that the oxygen depletion of the atmosphere due to deforestation (they overpopulated and ate forests)

a. The resulting ocean warming caused phytoplankton habitat loss which resulted in atmospheric oxygen drops (2) and the mass starvation of the oceans resulting in a 97% loss of marine species at the time.

4. The oxygen drops (2) created the Iridium layer(s) as space debris entering the atmosphere could not vaporize, and therefore superheated, spread, and fell to the earth, covering the earth in these thin meteorite rich iridium layers. 

a. First the large dinosaurs went during the first small oxygen drop, creating the thinner of the iridium layers. Then about 300,000 years later the second large oxygen drop occurred due to the smaller dinosaurs continuing to overpopulate.   

b. both times when the dinosaurs died off, plants tried to catch up in oxygen production, allowing the new space debris entering the atmosphere to start vaporizing again, and thus stopping the iridium layer. 

5. Professor Greta Keller took core samples of the impact site in the Gulf of Mexico and found that this meteorite did not cause the K/T extinction, as life continued to flourish for about 300,000 more years after impact.

6. Further , it is known that the atmosphere was steamy during this time, which is proof of Global warming as a law of gases states, " as the temperature of a gas increases its ability to absorb and retain moisture will increase proportionally".  

7. The ice caps over Antarctica had melted during this time period,  which is proof of Glacier melt that we are seeing in the global warming process today. 

a. Further, the Glacier melt is presently causing the water flow of uncountable millions of Gallons of water into the earths oceans.  This weight of water is pressing harder on the ocean floors, while the land vacated by these glaciers is lighter in weight.

b. This is causing seismic unrest and volcanic activity to increase across the world  as this weight redistribution, and the pressures need to balance within the earth is causing things to shift.

c. When I was a child the Deccan traps, and other major volcanic activity of the time were blamed for the K/T extinction. long before the newer meteorite theory which is solely based on the iridium layer(s).

d. What they did not know is that global warming was capable of causing this mass extinction.

8. During the last oxygen drop, nothing over 22 lbs. lived. (oxygen use is governed by weight)

9. Further, Ms. Wendy Wolbach found high concentrations of Charcoal over the top of the Iridium layer, in the K/T boundary. 

a. I believe this was created by superheated space debris which could not vaporize due to oxygen depletion in the upper atmosphere, falling into oxygen producing forests, and bursting them into flames.  Then once the available oxygen was used up by the fires, charcoal smolders began to be produced as charcoal is created in the absence of oxygen.

10. Ozone is made from oxygen.  So, if you have an oxygen depletion problem, it follows that you will have an ozone depletion problem, and it should start where the least amount of oxygen is produced, over Antarctica!

a. Further, dinosaurs started developing feathers during the time leading to the K/T extinction. I believe in response to the need for protection from ultraviolet radiation (UV's)

b. Bees developed which have hair for protection and see in the UV spectrum.

c. Warm blooded mammals developed with hair for UV protection, and the ability to sweat and control internal temperatures.

d. Many dinosaurs returned to the water near the end of this era, to help them regulate body temperature, in response to global warming.

11. The Yellowstone Caldera was originally a lava lake, I believe the result of a cave in of the bed rock, caused by the outflow of lava in the southern hemisphere (Deccan traps etc.)

a. The timing of the closing of this lava lake closely matches the reformation of the Antarctic ice cap about 50,000,000 years ago, 15,000,000 years after the K/T extinction. 

b. Further the atmospheric carbon gases during this period were dropping steadily from over 1000 ppm to about 740 ppm. (Wikipedia: Antarctic History)  Indicating that global warming caused by carbon gases accumulation was a reality of the K/T extinction.

12. We are dealing with a planet that requires hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years to change its chemical make up, and the physical make up that is brought on by these chemical balances fluctuating. Yet governments, businesses, and people refuse to see that the way of life they live is totally out of harmony with nature. It is destroying the ecology, and in doing so it will lead to the destruction of ourselves, for we are but little animals with amazing minds running around on a rather small planet, and treating it with total disregard.

a. Its very sad the state of world ignorance of all this.

Who will take these actions?

Educators to educate the public according to the truth of the threat of global warming, which will hopefully change their attitudes and behaviors.

Where will these actions be taken?


How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Will convince the public, and governments of the need for immediate and drastic change.

What are other key benefits?

Help from all areas in dealing with these problems.

What are the proposal’s costs?


Time line


Related proposals

have a bunch, including the Ocean cooling machine in geoengineering workspace, but this requires education alone, and educators to accept its premises.


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