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It's about art, it's about design, its about our planet, its about climate change and how we can make people aware of that.



Education is an essential element of the global response to climate change. By using projection mapping technique which is a really attractive use of art and projecting information on special surfaces about climate change and global warming we can aware people of each community about what they are facing in their community and what they should do/don't. By designing symbolic audience which are cardboard people we can warn people not to be like some cardboard people and take action!

So, we can have a public projection mapping performance in each community with cardboard people-as audience- who are just sitting and not taking any actions and encourage people to be real people and battle against global climate change.

I have done this project once on my own funding, I am sharing the photos here , check it out, it had a huge impact on the people who saw this project and the got familiar what they should do/don't in order to help the earth through art.

When I did this project, I wished for a day that I will be able to perform it in all the world and in all the different communities to aware people about what we are facing in global warming and climate change and help them to know what actions they need to take.

What actions do you propose?

My Ultimate goal is to aware people about climate change and teach them what to do

1. Find places that we want this project to be done based on the communities.

2. Making the structures that we are projecting our graphics on.

3.Making 3d animation and graphics that we could map on our structure.

4.Working on the mapping software.

5. Have a public event 


Who will take these actions?

Where will these actions be taken?

Our planet

How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

It depends on where we are having the public event, probably each event needs more than 10,000$. 

Time line

  • If we could have one event each day in a crowded public space, then we will have 365 event each year, in 10 years we will have 3650 event and by that time we were able to aware a lot of people to take actions.

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