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Nature is Art for Conservation - is a Citizen Science project using photography and educative films - Discovering Science Through The Lens.



Anil Annaiah's "Simple Perceptions" fine art photography brought in the first public  exhibition in the year 2000. This was a collection of conceptual images photographed with 35mm and Medium Format cameras, using B&W Negatives and Colour Reversal Films from the year 1990 onwards to the year 2000. This journey has continued with more images of nature and more perspectives over the years.

Simple Perceptions brought in the new series of images to support and empower a concept "Nature is Art for Conservation" a Citizen Science initiative. This exhibition opened on Earth Day 2014 and for the second consecutive year on Earth Day 2015 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath art gallery in Bangalore.

Anil Annaiah's  photography concept aspires to reach and connect with each part of nature in our planet and spread the message “Nature is Art for Conservation”. 

The new exhibition series needed the step forward, to spread the message of Citizen    Science by reaching out to people in different spaces, for participative engagement and dialogue. To meet this goal, the exhibition began travelling from the year 2014, across Corporate, Institutions, Public Forums & Schools. 

The educational aspect of this fine art nature collection, is to get effectively transformed into empowering Citizen Science resource films “Discovering Science Through The Lens" series. These films with an innovative presentation style bring in the scientific and other interesting information of each creative fine art image, building an unique Citizen Science spirit.

The fine art photographs are also pure as nature itself, as they are left untouched by imaging tools. The encounter with the images opens the audience mind to Intrigue, Curiosity and Wonder making it an endearing experience.

With each image and with each film, the goal is towards building awareness of the beauteous treasure around us and to awaken "A New Life Pledge" for Conservation of Biodiversity as Scientists.


What actions do you propose?

he steps taken were to showcase the images in a public gallery on EARTH DAY and then onwards take it to the people in their work spaces and schools. The Organizations include key IT companies, Management Institute among others.

This brought in happy engagements and various discussions on nature with large segments of people. All the while the posters and other material that accompanied the images became food for thought for all.

The school visited too received the exhibition with great enthusiasm.

The film screened in the exhibition "Eyes Only For You" a first from the "Discovering Science Through The Lens" series showcases the potential education about nature for wide reach. This is to drive better questions and better ownership of Nature.

Building exhibitions, sharing films on social connects - to take it to people in organisations, various forums and children in schools are the key actions that continue as focus.

Innovating and developing new techniques in photography to engage people effectively with the art form is a constant form of research that continues. This Earth Day 2015 collection stood out and got people excited as it presented a new style of imaging.

This unique Art Photography built place by place across the World & Knowledge Films stemming from this of rich bio diversity will fill us with pride and information. This will be the inspiration to reach and effectively work towards goals in environment protection.

This is an opportunity to build an INVOLVED COMMUNITY of Nature Conservationists. 


Who will take these actions?

Each Organisation, Institution, Corporate, School and diverse forums can view this exhibition and be inspired to learn the word Citizen Science and  participate as Citizen Scientists.

The present journey has proved its impact and magnetism in helping people fall in love with nature all over again and take a new life pledge for its conservation.

The photographs are being now readied to go forward to the next step - that is, these images will become fine art images / framed & sold to reach the homes of people to remind them of the nature's exceptional perspectives. These fine art images will carry the citizen science message of the image with description and the creative name to become a part of the lives of the people in their daily life and to remind them constantly of their pledge for conservation.

This will also empower the film series production and building of an extensive library of educational information of various elements in nature in the innovative narrative style shown in the film - "Eyes Only For You"

The list of various venues across and activity with media talk is showcased in the Facebook link.

Where will these actions be taken?

These fine art images will be a global collection in time. This will put the world through moments of faith in nature and its exceptional beauty.

 'Discovering Science Through The Lens" film series through workshops encourage people to make these films on their immediate surroundings and put them up in the web portal that will come up as

Among other venues of Corporate, Institutions and Public venues, the exhibition conducted in a supported school gave an opportunity for the children to write essays and paint about their understanding of nature and Citizen Science. They were all provided with certificates of acknowledgement / merit.


How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

Today, more than ever, we are dependant for our sustenance, health, well-being and enjoyment of life on fundamental biological systems and processes.The "Nature is Art for Conservation" fine art photographs celebrate the power of pristine nature and aims to encourage each one of us to work towards building knowledge of our sensitive flora & fauna with clear goals of sustaining it. 

A ecologically sound world reduces the ambient temperature & makes a saving on energy. A Biodiversity-led focus by each one of us, also helps conserve water in the immediate locality we live in and nearby areas. 

What are other key benefits?

"The general public engagement in scientific research activities when citizens actively contribute to science either with their intellectual effort or surrounding knowledge or with their tools and resources. Participants provide experimental data and facilities for researchers, raise new questions and co-create a new scientific culture. While adding value, volunteers acquire new learning and skills, and deeper understanding of the scientific work in an appealing way. As a result of this open, networked and trans-disciplinary scenario, science-society-policy interactions are improved leading to a more democratic research, based on evidence-informed decision making as is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur or non professional scientists."

This exhibition & films is an effort to get people involved as a citizen scientists, to observe, learn & conserve nature. 

To make the commitment to Citizen Science cause and to be a catalyst to bring in change.


What are the proposal’s costs?

The costs over the years have been invested towards both technical equipments  and other investments to build a collection by photographing and then showcase it at exhibition venues.

Presently the costs are required to build more films, hold exhibitions and continue the journey of photographing fine art images / collection globally.

The next step is to reach empowered outcomes by selling the images collection limited / numbered prints constantly, to reach the homes and minds of people, to build a dialogue at large and leading people to watch the citizen science film series.

Other empowered resource ideas like books and many other avenues will also build this movement.

Time line

The concept of reaching each part of nature and bringing each person on this planet to absorb its wonderfulness is progressive and continues to draw strength from the people as they look at the fine art images with Intrigue, love it with curiosity and keep it in their hearts with wonder.

The film series "Discovering Science Through The Lens" is the connect of learning about nature. These films will be available across widely making it a popular way to learn and explore more as Citizen Scientists.

"Eyes Only For You"





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