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Peter Suchmann

Apr 26, 2015


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Interesting...I believe we need to end the subsidies for fossil fuels and shift them to alternative energy platforms. I am for divesting universities and pensions from all fossil fuel related industries and services. Keep going-- we need a paradigm shift---and government and wall street needs to lead the way!

Jennifer Perron

Jun 10, 2015


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Hello Tim, Thanks for your proposal to the Climate CoLab. I'm one of the catalysts, helping provide comments and feedback, in an effort to help strengthen proposals. Thanks for your proposal of a financial tactic to address climate change. Please continue to flesh out your idea, and fill out the description sections, prior to the 6/13 deadline. You'll want to ensure to connect your proposal directly to the contest them, on shaping attitudes and behavior on climate. Also be sure to define or explain any specific terminology used. Thanks for your contribution to the CoLab!