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Satellite data refutes hockey stick data.



Use the most technically advanced data source, the satellite data, to determine if there even is a problem, before you squander billions of taxpayer dollars on something that perhaps has already changed course and headed in another direction.  Government programs routinely react to situations that are already self-correcting, more times making the situations worse.

Open the campus and their internet educational streams to debates between global warmists and those who have different data.  Stop suppressing free speech.  You are getting very boring mouthing one party line.

What actions do you propose?

Contact MIT through this avenue and militate that they get correct data.  If we are to have a "sustainable" planet, we must not waste financial resources on chasing after a corrupt climate change industry fueled by doctored data, corrupt politicians, corrupted academic institutions, and ill-advised federal grants.  (such as the ethanol subsidy and multiple green energy grants to multiple Solyndras).