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Please Think-hard

Jan 1, 2016


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Absolutely agree with this.  Everyone is jumping off the cliff.  Let's just toss out the scientific method while chasing endless grant money instead!  MIT does not have clean hands in that regard simply because it is MIT and will chase the dollars as aggressively as anyone else.

This is the perfect perpetual research issue with its own self-aggrandizing social system.  Not unlike various social engineering items of the 1800's and 1900's.

Mankind has a lot more to worry about from erratic weather on the freezing side than the warming side.  Want to live through another 'Year without a Summer?  Google that and read it closely, thinking hard about what it would do to modern agriculture and how reliant everyone is on someone elsewhere for their food.  That is going to happen again before we ever see the putative 2 degree C horror story.

Everyone exhale and think about this.  Why have none of the models verified yet?  Why will they some day?  Who knows!!  No matter - lets spend a couple trillion dollars on it nonetheless. 

This is madness.