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Water-saving faucet attachment that shuts off automatically when unattended and provides real time usage data.



This battery-powered faucet attachment would screw onto standard sinks and shower heads.  It would wirelessly transmit data to the user about water usage and alert the user when water usage at sinks or showers is high.  It would have motion-detecting capability that would enable the unit to shut off water flow when it detected that the faucet is unattended.  The combination of these features could result in the reduction of over 1 million gallons of water wasted by Somerville residents per year.

What actions do you propose?

Somerville can and should do more to reduce water waste in order to achieve carbon neutrality.   A combination of incentives (such as discounted rates or tax breaks for low water consumers) and the development of technologies to help consumers reduce wasteful consumption could have a significant beneficial impact on the city's carbon footprint.

Who will take these actions?

Citizens and government can collaborate to prioritize the reduction in water waste.  Local tech talent can be tapped to develop complementary technology, such as the water-saving smart faucet attachment described in this proposal.

What are the key challenges?

What are the key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

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