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Atypical Ideas for Carbon Neutrality 2015

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Mar 6, 2015 08:00 EST - Jun 14, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Jun 14, 2015 12:00 EDT - Jul 3, 2015 12:00 EDT
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Aug 3, 2015 12:00 EDT - Sep 13, 2015 08:00 EDT
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Sep 13, 2015 08:00 EDT
What atypical, innovative ideas can turn Somerville, MA into a carbon-neutral city?

In order to reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, the City of Somerville, MA is seeking innovative ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all elements of urban life.  Somerville, the densest city in New England, is starting a planning process to map out the path to carbon neutrality.  The purpose of this contest is to identify out-of-the-ordinary ideas that the Somerville community can incorporate into a climate change plan.  While some carbon neutrality strategies are well known—100% renewable energy generation, dramatic changes in transportation mode share—the City of Somerville believes that the global community can provide myriad ideas that can be studied or implemented in a city that prides itself on innovation and creativity.  The winning ideas in this contest will be incorporated into Somerville’s climate change plan.  

31 Proposals
Manage and Control Carbon Emission biggies, energy use and transportation choices with CarbonGobbler. While saving money too.
The Loop transit system is a fleet of fare-based passenger vehicles that travel planned routes within city limits on a continuous schedule.
SUFI provides an integrated hub that sustainably manages the urban energy-water-food nexus in an era of climate change.
Harnessing the power of choice through community engagement to support green electricity
Modify the building codes to allow wood construction for tall buildings and more use types to decrease Somerville’s carbon footprint.
Want to cut carbon pollution? Start w/ buildings: give real-time feedback on energy consumption and crowdsource the hunt for energy leaks.
Allow residents without driveways to charge electrical vehicles on their streets
Re-engineer urban driveways/roads to provide CO2 negative energy conversion/storage, on-site sewage management and water reclamation.
Recycle as much as you can, and convert the rest to power via biodigestion with biogas production followed by a Combined Heat and Power unit
Turning Somerville's flat roofs into solar collectors! Offer a low cost, flat packed, solar kit. Some assembly required to save the planet.
SUFI provides an integrated hub that sustainably manages the urban energy-water-food nexus in an era of climate change.
Over time, gradually reduce number of permits sold and charge market rates for on street parking. Car-sharing will meet most car-needs.
Public energy use of all bldgs. (large & small) will allow residents, contractors & energy wonks to learn which need help & what works.
Smart Commercial and Residential Center at Assembly Square
Eliminate Carbon emissions from delivery services.
Encourage more recycling
Natural gas leaking from pipes is a potent greenhouse gas. Make the natural gas companies fix the leaks before they build a new pipeline.
Reduce energy needed for HVAC, Lighting: Always have more people inside, use heat emitted by their bodies to warm enclosed places.
Healthy heart, healthy earth
In every year following the sale, the City will reward residents who sell their cars, and do not acquire a new one, with free T passes.
Carbon neutrality is possible for thermoelectrical plants and heavy industry. Carbon dioxide scrubbers are feasible with propper design.
Sustainable CO2 sequestration in soil via increased plant root ball mass using a natural, renewable, petroleum free, abiotic EPS.
Aim higher, from just carbon neutrality towards closing the loop, saving money & natural resources and creating jobs at the same time.
A City fitness facility, open to all Somerville residents, that also generates power.
Version 2.0 . Easy to understand . Message to all competitors & readers . DEAR JUDGES, PEOPLE NEED 2 KNOW THIS ISSUE (G.O.C)
Somerville is the 21st windiest city in America yet utilizes none of that free energy.
Water-saving faucet attachment that shuts off automatically when unattended and provides real time usage data.
Enact incentives to encourage development of net zero (or net positive!) buildings.
Instead of mulching or disposing of wood from tree trimming, allow residents to heat their home with it.
Roof gardens can serve as carbon sinks in locations reas that are otherwise unused.
Residents expend large amounts of energy to heat poorly insulated homes. Investing in insulation will save pay off for years to come.