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Climate Colab

Aug 13, 2014


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Dear EJS organizing team, Thank you very much for your proposal on the “Youth action on climate change” contest. Your proposal has progressed to the semi-finals, congratulations! The feasibility and energy of it were particularly appreciated by the Judges. It seems like an interesting proposal to make young people front and center of the fight against hydraulic fracturing, with all its aspects carefully thought through and combined together. However, they also noted that the geographical scope was very limited; this contest is looking for scalable ideas. A revised proposal would therefore need to provide more information on how the project could be replicated in other communities (including outside the US) harmed by fracking, including other financing sources for that. Finally, there is a clear (and understandable) anti-fracking bias in your proposal : in your revision, make sure to use a more objectivity and/or quote precise and independent sources. Thanks again for your contribution, and best of luck revising your proposal for the Finals! Best, Antoine on behalf of the “Youth action” fellows

Victor Blanco

Aug 26, 2014


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I wish you the best! Please, check my proposal in Waste Management Contest, named "REACC: Recycled Debris for Adaptation to Climate Change"; and I would apreciate your support as I supported your proposal.

Climate Colab

Sep 3, 2014


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The Judges have advanced this proposal to the Finalists round. Good luck during the voting period!

Aditi Sen

Sep 11, 2014


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This is a very relevant and timely initiative given the impacts of fracking on communities. I like the fact that it is focused on social and climate justice and is very concrete and feasible. Good luck! Aditi

Osero Shadrack Tengeya

Sep 17, 2014


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Hi UPEI/SFU C2C and friends, kindly consider to vote for my proposal shown in the link below Thanks in advance.

Anne-marie Soulsby

Sep 23, 2014


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Hi EJS Organizing Team, Please consider voting for my proposal, Good luck with your entry! Asante/Thank-you @conserveaction