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The 11 Earthculean tasks is a fancy name for a list of 11 objectives that people before us figured out would make the world a better place.




1- Economy:

All of your products will be created according to a cradle to cradle approach, allowing the creation of products with a closed loop life cycle, reducing the use of virgin material to the strict minimum or to nothing.Factories will be connected and the waste of others will become the materials of others.

2- Towns

Your towns will stop throwing garbage in the water. Houses will be equipped with sytems allowing 100% collection of rainfalls. Your houses will work as trees, and be energy positive, using a combination of  alternative energy and fueling elecric cars.


Your farmers will only use ecological practices, natural pesticides and diversified culture combined with wind mills when possible.


Natural territory will be preserved and and urban expansion reduced and mized industrial and housing zones will be preferred to allow benefits from heat transfers.


You will not have any transportation options depending on oil.

6- Fiscality

The world financing system will be connected to real exchanges of products. The capacity of countries to manage their country resources and treat their people well will make them earn international credits, and credit score will be changed for karma score. Countries with increasing karma scores will have access to funding and prestige,

7-  Biodiversity

You will make the protection of biodiversity an imperative of global security over all the laws. You will create a legal status for earth as a person and will create an environmental police.

7-  Health

You will remove all chemicals that are hurtful to humans from productions, ban them, stop producing them.

8- Research

You will dedicate research to global sustainability objectives first.

10- Monitoring

You will create systems to measure greenhouse gases production on local national and global basis.

11- Work less

You will make an optional 3 days a week work for people ready to make the two other days civic services days where they can take care of vulnerable people.



Category of the Action

Integrated action plan for the world as a whole

What actions do you propose?

1- Economy:

Companies will make ecoconception become business as usual.

Engineers in school will graduate only by finding new ways to make products greener.

2- Towns

People will invest in adapting their houses and make them off the grid and energy positive and they will benefit from municipal incentives. Electricity companies instead of fighting will take care of the infrastructure.


People and businesses will only buy from farmers who respect green practices.


Maps of urban strategy would be available and municipal bylaws will be changed to protect cultural assets and manage urbanization. Places will be valued for their ecological and cultural value. Cities will protect those assets.


People would ride electric cars, roads would be made in a way that they create energy from the circulation on them. A little bit of energy will be needed to start but as if cars were connected to the roads as tramways are they will then run on the friction energy.(this is fictive but some real solutions exist close to this)

6- Fiscal

Carbon reduction will be at the center of the concept of value. Money will change its face.

7-  Biodiversity

The environmental police will be the strongest, monitoring pollution and abuses, fining etc.(a little bit frightening).

7-  Health

Companies will not be allowed to use toxic products.

8- Research

Researchers will work mainly on things that are useful to public interest.

Fundamental research will be resurrected.

10- Monitoring

Every milligram of my carbon footprint will be monitored. We cannot control what we can't monitor.

11- Work less

People will spend more time home in family, and in neighborhoods for community events, and away from frequent disturbing climatic events.

Where will these actions be taken?

Eveywhere in the world, from houses to cities, countries and continents.

Who will take these actions?

We should all be involved.

What are key benefits?

Climate change is not just about climate change. Managing greenhouse gases will be a plus, counting them and controlling them will be a good value added but fostering a peace atmosphere between humans also counts in climate change, because when everything goes downs, social peace depends on the state of mind of people and their values.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Resistence is the biggest negative effect for those proposed actions.

Time line

5-15 years

Some people will still be discussing about climate changing instead of acting.

15-50 years

There will be no more climate deniers. Future generations will ask us for reparation. A lot of generational mediation will have to be done.

50-100 years

The world will have close to no more oil. A very fast change will happen and people will start digging back in the past to find solutions of innovative people and they will find climate colab and get some nice ideas from there or from all the books so many people have already written about it


How do these sub-proposals fit together?

Explanation of model inputs