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Oct 2, 2014 EDT
What combination of actions can be taken in the world as a whole to address climate change?

This contest seeks an overall plan for the world as a whole. A key aspect of the contest is that authors are invited to create integrated proposals, which can incorporate proposals from both prior and currently active Climate CoLab contests. Proposals in this contest will be evaluated in large part on how well they bring together proposals from other contests to articulate a broad, coherent vision of what the world as a whole should do. Authors can also access the EnROADS simulator developed by Climate Interactive or model runs from Stanford’s Energy Modeling Forum that project the future environmental and economic outcomes of proposed actions. See more…


42  Proposals

Proposal name

Global Serious Errors of Design and Environmental , Green Standard of the WorldHuynh Phu Dat

Digital Earth | Virtual Nations | Data CitiesDavina Jackson

Strategically Transitioning To Global Adaptation!Johnnie Buttram

Lock In Blocks: Taking us to 345ppm without human behavior changeAngus Shaw

Lock In Blocks: A wood replacement to consume and store atmospheric CO2. Built with tools to manage them for millennia and a path to 345ppm

End Global Warming & Climate Change NowClifford Thompson

Remove all CO2 added to the air since the Industrial Revolution, in 1-10 years using a forest of synthetic trees

Green Tech AcceleratorRalf Lippold

Green Tech Accelerator - physical space at the intersection of research/ busines to accelerate innovation into products/ services at speed

Reversing Climate Change with Ocean-healing Seaweed EcosystemsOcean Foresters

Seaweed forests lay an eco-foundation for all plans to reverse global warming/ocean acidification, while providing food, energy, and jobs.

Reinventing Money To Address Climate ChangeWilliam Knauss

Actions to address climate change must be financed by interest free loans along with local currencies backed by the improvements.

The great escape - to a coherent whole planet solutionClimate Rescue

Fast climate rescue means tackling a really coherent whole - to reverse interlocked problem dynamics at planet scale.

Using Natural Systems Principles to Transition toward a Sustainable FutureDave Ewoldt

Shift economics from growth to steady-state, build an Earth jurisprudence into national constitutions, begin reconnecting and relocalizing.

Green Keynesianism and Climate Free Trade AreasMichael Womersley

Climate advocates lack a realistic strategy to a global low-carbon economy. This proposal provides one. No magical thinking is required.

Controlling earth's climate and ending starvation foreverCharles Duemler

control hurricanes, increase earth's albeado, end starvation FOREVER,

USES+ The Universal Sustainability Education System as transformation platformGLESI

USES+ takes the USES platform as a core to achieve a transformation in all climate related aspects like energy, food, waste in global scale

Adaptation to Climate Change by Reducing Disaster RisksNaresh Bhatt

“Disaster risk reduction” & “climate change adaptation” represent policy goals, concerned with an ongoing problem & emerging issue.

A UN Climate Action Program - all measures necessary to rebalancing the climate.Rosemary Jones

A UN Climate Action Program, promoted worldwide, is essential to delivering the combination of actions capable of rebalancing the climate.

"" Towards Sustainable Earth through Social Media CommunicationSessario Mangkara

A simple model for global emission stabilization.Hannah & David

A simple and fair emissions model accommodating the wide range of proposals could be key to global consensus on how to control emissions.


Use the light monorail massively in small and large cities based in renewable energy

Christ's Cross is Promised Password to Peace, Goodwill, Eternal Life on EarthChrist Inc:Kitsilano

Establish equitable global constitution regulating ownership of the Planet, grant existing land rights to all live Individuals in the World.

Climate PlanSam Carana

The Climate Plan proposes parallel lines of action to reduce the risk of methane erupting in huge quantities from the Arctic Ocean seafloor.

modeling proposalClimate Colab

Implementing the 11 Earthculean tasks.Naolo Charles

The 11 Earthculean tasks is a fancy name for a list of 11 objectives that people before us figured out would make the world a better place.

Rapid zero carbon decarbonizationPeter Carter

Scientists get engaged with the climate planetary emergency.

Empowering Humanity with Green Money 4All in Green EconomyCaro Cimador

Change once 4all drive global economic monetary value on Trees Leaves to return natural state, Value of Mother Earth and her preservation.

Global Scale Planning and the IMBECS ProtocolMarine BECCS

Developing a comprehensive and synergistic global plan, based upon the use of the vast abundance of the oceanic commons, is explored below.

Promote & subsidize small windmills and gardens on every top roof in every city.Evelyne Lapouge

Saving energy, cooling down towns by introducing gardens everywhere on roof tops, feeding people with sustainable foods

The international rule of law, evaluation of its application to climate changeTeam IRL project

International rule of law need to be evaluated in its application to diminish the effect of the consequences of climate change

Underwater Suspension TunnelsPatrick Mcnulty

Thermal energy & kinetic energy conversion of the Gulfstream to lower Co2 GHG emissions anywhere between 300ppm/350 ppm in 20 years.

River blankets to cool river waterWayne Lilly

White sheets are strung across rivers on telephone poles to shade long exposed sections of rivers to lower water temperature.

Fusion Electricity in the Grid in our Lifetime!FUSION ADVOCATES

The NEW ELECTRIC GENERATION will require masses more electricity than now forecast, and the only clean baseload source is magnetic Fusion.

Climate change without frontiersAlexandra Gavilano

Create an interactive platform, where similar climate change impacts and solutions can be shared and the world can raise a voice as one.


We work to mobilize political commitment and financial investment for climate actions.

Inspiring mainstream commitment to solve climate changeBe The Change

A global citizen-led educational movement.

Mass Transit Utilizing Autonomous Electric Vehicles on a Solar Powered TollroadSolar Power Transit

A nationwide transportation system based on shared electric cars in a network of toll roads that control and provide power to the vehicles.


Technology, Behavioral and Perceptual Framework for Survival Support and Evolutionary Continuity of the species Homo sapiens on planet earth

Hemp + 3D Printing (hemp plastics, hempcrete, hemp carbon nanotubes...)Order of Treemasons

We have built a civilization that is only designed to last a few hundred years. Lets build a civilization that plays the long game.

Sustainable CitiesDennis Wilmeth

Sustainable Cities is long term solution to global energy, food, pollution, socio-economic and governmental problems.