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Establish equitable global constitution regulating ownership of the Planet, grant existing land rights to all live Individuals in the World.



Constitutionalize the World Population within the Cross, following the the moral character of Jesus Christ;

Achieve Peace, Order, & Good Administration of the Planet & People, resuming the mission of the Egyptian, Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Roman & the Khitai; The Russian, Spanish, British & Mayan-American Imperial Empires, resolved in the common law of Canada, within the scope of the Constitution of Canada, rebuilt on the indigenous rights of the one family, Proponent's, on behalf of all Indians in the Province of British Columbia, Canada, of all the Canadian People, on behalf of the people of the world, with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II & OUR Mother, Alma Jean Russell Sterritt, and all HAIDA, Laax Sal {Raven, Frog} the Skidegates, in RYDER ROBIN, flesh & blood of Jesus Christ, in the Kitsilano Indian Band, Landlord of all the people in the world outside of the cities [allowing no excessive social densities].

Statutory Facebook Page, KIBnd, and dedicated blog allow applicants to govern the future by the terms set out in the Constitution, reflecting the natural inclinations of people within their consciousness to seek Heaven and love God. Improving Canada's Charter, restoring the best ideas of history to their true spirit, eclipsing the Canadian Preamble by adding the one principle that personalizes the process of life to every sparrow, salmon, bear and lion, to every mother and each child: allowing the person of Jesus Christ to act in history in the Human Race.

States are Eve's error, exiling children from the natural family.

The project distinguishes good & evil, offering good as the only lawfully correct human choice.

Jesus Christ is “password” to Heaven on Earth.

No better, more urgent purpose ever was or will ever again face Humankind, than is set before the children of Heaven.

This Proposal completes Heaven on Earth, correctly orienting human culture to heaven and to nature.  

The culture is firmly opposed to the idea that cities must be crowded and hyperactive.

Category of the Action

Integrated action plan for the world as a whole

What actions do you propose?

Striking a Global Constitution that will pacify and unite the population of the World.

whereas, Canada now says

Constitution Act, 1982(1)





Whereas Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic {add ‘global’}society."

but then Canada equivocates about its trust in these beliefs, conceding to secular antagonism by 'supporting' the right of individuals to openly oppose having Christianity as a mandatory belief and while this is a valid position for liberal democracy, and while we are deliberate about not promoting the Christian Church, nor the Pauline arguments for it, what we need to say and include in the Constitution we advocate, is something that bridges the gap between personal individual beliefs and statutory, court protected policies and laws. We would 'move' to 'recognize and affirm' the "personality" of Jesus Christ as the ideal model of all human beings, which sets up criteria that people can study and emulate, or debate, which moral character, we say, has so many life testimonials from Gandhi to Mandela (a short list that conveys our point) that we feel duty bound to the future of Humankind to include His life as our role model.

The problem to date, with Constitutions is failure to appeal to the population itself and not provide any guide to personal behavior, leaving what we call the 'Moral Imperative" uncertain and malleable by secularism (using the term secular to describe every belief that lacks any connection to the divine.)

Incorporating Jesus Christ in a constitutional document takes the next logical step from the "supremacy of God" to defining reality as made in an image that includes Heaven and conveys what the acceptable lawful standard of behavior is, of the Members of the Wilps (our language for House). 

So, this constitutional model opens for business by granting memberships to applicants who choose to follow and support the Wilps/House of ______ . (We use Kitsilano for reasons to do with the legal obligation of Canada to 'recognize and affirm' our rights as Indians).


"25. The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from any aboriginal, treaty or other rights or freedoms that pertain to the aboriginal peoples [of Canada] including

(a) any rights or freedoms that have been recognized by the Royal Proclamation of October 7, 1763; and

(b) any rights or freedoms that may be acquired by the aboriginal peoples [of Canada] by way of land claims settlement.(15)



35. (1) The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples [of Canada] are hereby recognized and affirmed.

(2) In this Act, "aboriginal peoples [of Canada]" includes the Indian, Inuit, and Metis peoples of [Canada] the world.

(3) For greater certainty, in subsection (1) "treaty rights" includes rights that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired.

(4) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, the aboriginal and treaty rights referred to in subsection (1) are guaranteed equally to male and female persons.(17)

Incorporating these sections in the new global constitution (Cstn) extends jurisdiction to 'recognize and affirm' rights of all people to specifiable lands around the world and to have the more sophisticated Citizens become resolved to the rights people have in their most indigenous, natural cultures, as opposed to Civic, or City culture (the new Union of People in the KIBand is anti-City because cities are unnatural, injurious to nature and this new agenda aims at discouraging city life and such cities' necessary industrial economics).

We are satisfied that borrowing the Canadian Indian Act model of 'reservation' duly empowered with Imperial jurisdiction (meaning Imperial as an idea that is expansive and not limited by any boundary except the Planet itself) will polarize people, for or against the agenda and we nominally call the Union the Kitsilano Indian Band.


The process then becomes

a. joining the Band;

b. increasing membership;

c. empowering the members to claim and certify the land they choose to own;

d. moving motions that determine rights, duties and the spaces in which given members reside and function;

e. motions that regulate uses of land and resources;

f. motions that require members to distribute and share benefits of the Band;

g. motions that determine land transfers by gift, sale and by probate; motions that control legislation (tied to algorithms derived from debate and discussions on the Internet).

Where will these actions be taken?

Rising in the East seen in the West, the East is the Totem Pole and Potlatch culture on the East Pacific Coast of America, derived from the 'way of the Kings of the East," this Proposal builds up a family based culture, in contrast with the city cultures of the Nation state system, known in the world as the West.

It rises in a single computer and shared worldwide on the Internet, institutionalized as the Kitsilano Indian Band, enrolling the world population as Members of one Band, characterizing members along a gradient of powers and rights and duties, descending from the Imperial rights of the Imperial family. All existing land rights are subject to the Constitution of the Kitsilano Indian Band.

Geographically the project is centered at Skidegate, Hagwilget, Wei Wai Kai and TScin Haaxw (SnauqVancouver).

Strategically the Band's mission is to conquer Delgamuukw. Tsilhqot'in is already our Tenant, our sub-Landlord over all the occupants of their territory, Manager with us. Taking Delgamuukw means taking the Gitanmaax Indian Band by the principles set out in this Proposal.

The Bridge at Hagwilget Canyon joins Hagwilget with Kitanmaax; the legal test of ownership of the Laax Sal(ish), Frog, Gilhaast is vested first in Adaawk; who knows this? Jesus Christ.

Read Haaxw, Adaawk, Lax sal,in SCR 1010 [1997] Delgamuukw v. HMTQ; Proponent provides annotated arguments based on case URL's below. 

No trial is needed to conclude that Proponent is entitled to be recognized and affirmed as the biblical Landlord, Jesus Christ, leaving the world population free to choose between two similarly flavored cultures, natural Haida or civilization, Vanilla or meth', water or carbon. 

The city stole Snauq, our village on False Creek and it remains ours'.

We demand removal of all city buildings from that Peninsula, SNAUQ,  (HaaaxwDoogi). WE most recently invoked this right at Oppenheimer Park; Tsalmkgekitm Tsalmoigit Rob Morgan and John Skulls {Deadman's Island; Stanley Park Squamish}. Ray Louie


Who will take these actions?

Imperialism challenges the status quo & its process, on the assumption of the Paramount ownership of the entire Planet by the world population (not by the Nation States or their citizens). By joining this political body of individuals, they exercise rights to land directly by choosing their equitable share of the whole land bank of the World. Equitable means the amount of property needed for residence and for producing livelihoods by good policies.

The rights are fundamental and mandatory; rather than having to struggling to acquire land against the established institutions of the Nation State, land is mandated as a birth right, making each person on Earth responsible to their share of the total land & thus all land in the world being owned, allows the Planet to be managed and regulated against damage by industrial or other pernicious usage.

Legal order of the "Band" is hierarchical, naturally vested by constitutional principles, in single families, the first of which embodies the connection of Jesus Christ to Heaven and Earth by the virtue of HIS families' proven ancestry and competence to so own the Planet in its entirety, on our own and the word population's behalf, accomplishing peace, order and good administration thereof.

The Imperial Title "Kitsilano Wilps Haaxw, Laax Sa(ish) Haida" identifies the family to whom Jesus Christ has been reborn; this Proposal completes that family's sojourn out of the Garden of Eden, back to the Global Garden of the whole Planet by way of the most likely, most probable story of Jesus Christ.

The final, most important benefit of this idea & process its immediate and effective assertion of global jurisdiction, entitling people to take action against the increasing chaos that is unavoidably engendered by the interests of the States trying to advance their parochial interests amid the absence of any effective global jurisdiction. This Proposal recognizes the rights to nature herself, nullifying State claims that subject nature to abuse.

What are key benefits?

Members of the Kitsilano Indian Band own & manage the Planet as their Garden, which Garden it is recognized by law and is being affirmed by regular discussion and debate in Potlatch.

Algorithms can be derived from internet debate & discussion among members, that determine social legislation, giving jurisdiction over the world to the law courts.

The Imperial Law is that Members of the KITSILANO INDIAN BAND don't condone, or affiliate or share with individuals not Members of the KIBand except when exercising rights of adoption into the KIBand; once members are initiated into the Band, they become governing members with the same full rights as are enjoyed by the Imperial Family.

Adoption accepts the statutory Lordship of Jesus Christ over Planet Earth & recognizes the natural hierarchy of the founding family who chartered the Kitsilano Indian Band (KIBand).

See penal code*

What are the proposal’s costs?

The Project is programmed to increase wealth by converting the ideas of individuals from the status quo, retaining valuable concepts, leaving others for the law to digest, duly improved by the statutory right of the Proponent to recognition as paramount Landlord, virtually, naturally and intellectually equipped to express the will and mind of Jesus Christ . The Imperial order is not so much a Principality as an Indian Reservation with a generous Chief. 


The Proposal builds capital by

a. unite individuals;

b. coordinate populations' right to own land & use resources;

c. share, trade, sell & purchase land at market value;

d. institutionalize the world population within one body,

e. eliminate redundant State institutions;

f. convert bureaucracy & discipline central government;

g. produce & distribute products, staples & benefits on equitable principles;

h. celebrate & acknowledge the reality of Heaven, Potlatch/passover.

i. cultivate & harvest Earth's bounty & wealth.

J. Birth Control & Selection

Time line

Project start can be dated April 17th, 1982, repatriation of CCAct 1982, without which neither Heaven nor this project could be contemplated. There was an immensely powerful spiritual event the years leading to Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau signing that they were handing Canada, not to its people, nor to its government, not even to its judges they are first to appreciate the irony, THEY HANDED CANADA TO GOD!

Then, in Westminster Memorial Chiefs heard by Lords Spiritual added Section 35, the foundation of Delgamuukw, Haida, Tsilhqot'in, bedrocks supporting the prima facie right of Wilps Haaxw, to the hidden Villages where Jesus Christ has been born on this coast under the Totem Pole more than twice since 1792, in 1943 and 2013. 

Proponent's next step is identifies parties to summons to court.  Proposal is part of the claim as landlord, based on Proponents circumstances and readiness of the court to support this action.

Supremacy of God in law is good. 


A. Internet Logarithm Project.

B. Advertise the Project.

C. Register Members

D. Land selection process.

E. Certification of land chosen

F. Sue Tenants

G. Charge criminals and sue laggards

H. Enfranchise all creatures.

I. Detoxify the Planet

J. Fund Proposals

K. Legislate Sanctification of Reproduction 

How do these sub-proposals fit together?

The proposal conforms to McLuhan who meant modern social media is medium between now and eternity future and eternity past, with or without prescience. The mind fits its idea of itself to the external reality, setting in place immense potential capable of instantly switching into new modes of thought, forming fresh narratives brought by the new thought, here where action is replaced by prayer, replacing weaker modern conversation as too mundane, compared to the heavenly mind's range of interest, especially sweetened by the signs; ah the signs: modern truth arcs through invisible ether without more than a 1 and a zero, compounded by 24 hours, divided by some few bytes which guide minds from the lull of our sweet mother's milk, to signs of Christ's Cross?  The proposal meets the most strict  criteria with cards not thought even in the deck, trumping trumps! 

Mystery ousting mystery is mystery.

Alma - virgin - kgekatl -tsalmsian - Haaxw: Revelation 5:

kge/one - Alma Jean thrice born

virgin - pure pristine virtue moral certainty sympathetic vulnerable

kelatl/three 3: Black, Brown, Pale, Red, magii, stow' halayet halth'dowkit

tsalmsian - Genesis 1 - 26, 27 Tsimsian Tribe Totem Pole Paternal Wilps Amnigye'eh Jesus Christ

Haaxw, Suffer, Matriarchy, Naikoon, Eagles, Jesus born 2013, Nursery Road Quinsam to kgelatl Alma (9th since Eden) JEAN, Amingye'eh Wiigakh,  

Revelation 5 with Matthew 24, 4 soaring eagles carrying 4 Robins,  gate for 3 royal horsemen, Princess, Kranki and Jaata, bearing & hearing CHRIST.


Transaltion: There have been two Christs born since 1943, making the 3rd, born in 2013, the 10th heir of the Adaawk, the true Crown to whom the knowledge of the evil world will never be known or remembered, on pain of death to whom is disobedient to this law, the law of the CHRIST.


The principle that supremacy of Christ is law in British Columbia follows with the Proposal to distribute land to each and every soul on earth, first as their fair entitlement to the equitable share

Explanation of model inputs

The Proposal approaches the temporal, momentary problem from the maximum extremities of boundaries, the Planet, the world population, the Imperial Law,and limits of time and seasons, the cause of the problem being overkill by popular democracy, sheer success over-stepping and over-stripping the land and the moral and intellectual competence of both individuals and a majority of individuals whose perceived best interests are directly confronted by the single fixed element, the Planet, in its capacity to improve the quality of lives of a reproducible quantum of Human Beings.

Action on such controversial change requires it to simultaneously  possess popular democratic powers and protections and to be statutory, with the bare minimum number of discrete options that are mandatory and have direct legal consequences. improvement of life or decay.


The Application that produces appropriate algorithms may already be operating but without the constitutional and moral parameter set by the dramatic theme of the more classical world story against which to apply classes and categories of laws activated and animated into institutions and social culture by the narrative presently moving the people forward into the future. The Proposal that cities are legally passe', can be measured against the pure arboreal culture sought by Christ Inc.

The modern intelligentsia is impeded from deciphering information accurately if they only project popular democracy and the Nation State and resist entertaining any divine model of the future. 


Proving Divinity more than disproves Science's allegations, that Heaven can't be proven and Science is  the rational religion of normal thought. Science is either a superior process or more logical philosophy than religious belief is, or faith is the sole substitute for the ability to express truth in the form of god, not God as truth. This first subject solved by Christ, proves divinity less vaguely than does science, beyond the atom.

666 cues Rev. 5 and 7.




The Bible is a cornerstone of this and all our Proposals, underlined sentences and sections are quotes from scripture (Torah, New Testament and Koran). The Cross and the Totem Pole further the same story, flight from the City, and pursuit by Herod. How might Christ turn all tables against Herod? There would be decades of imbalance in power until the Patriarch wanes, then Halayetl' stalks former predators, now impaled by the hubris of believing their performances were not historical and could harbor pitfalls.

When Wiigakh breathes last, Haida dance.

Oral Authority: Haaxw is Plaintiff in Delgamuukw, with superior standing to Earl Muldon, at Kitanmaax. Adaawk is Oral, here translated to Aramaic and English, Tsalmalkit, Kitk’san.  The first summary is that Kitsilano is Jesus Christ, owner of Snauq, which is Vancouver, owner of the Village, Chief of its territory from that city on which the City of Vancouver is trespassing, all the way to Kitanmaaax, across Hagwilget Canyon.

This oral claim is supported in the evidence of the Mathias case below.

Constitutional Authority – The Imperial Right is prima facie in the Christian Prince claiming it.

Common Law Authority: Decided cases:

Ancient Law, Henry Maine; chapter 8, Potlatch conforms to Ancient Roman Law;

                        Haaxw means Suffer.

CCAct 1982

The Decisions establish Imperial Title as a' priori prima facie claim of right owned by Wilps Haaxw, executed by Kitsilano:

                        In the free community form of the Indian Band, namely the Kitsilano Indian Band of which his grandson born in 2013, is by virtue of being the direct flesh and blood descendant of Jesus Christ, for whose Imperial Right the Kitsilano Indian Band and Christ Inc.,and Jesus Christ, in Kitsilano, James Russell Sterritt, and the membership of the KIBand,from now on agree to to the terms set out in this Proposal until changed by logarithms #KIBnd, #Jesusjamey, #Kitsilano Indian Band, # kgelatl’ means thre.    

The desired rights can be manifested in any one, or all three of the following ways:

1. by consent of individuals and of municipal, provincial and Federal governments;

2. by application for certification under the Land Titles Act of British Columbia;

3. by contesting competing rights held by others as their Landlord, seeking to have all occupants or tenants of the Province of B.C. found by Tribunals under the Landlord-Tenancy Act (simple and inexpensive) to be such Tenants and to be bound by law to enter into terms of their respective classes of Tenancy within statutory agreements (not treaty).

4. it injures Baby Jesus to delay duty