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Raffaella Bellanca

Sep 26, 2011


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Hi there! This is exactely what we do... have a look at the seawater greenhouse proposal... maybe we could join forces? Cheers Raffa

Colin Springthorpe

Sep 27, 2011


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Hi Raffaella, I hope you are well, thank you for your input on my proposal on Climate Colab contest 2011. You may see from my proposal, that my written word is not one of my better quality's. I have Dyslexia, my trade is a Mechanical Engineer. I would love to work with Seawatergreenhouse, in some way, I have sent a copy to you and also place it as comment as reply. I sent this information to Seawatergreenhouse in a email on 19.06.2010. I lost all my contact, do to have my hotmail account hacked into. Which meant any one that may have wanted to contact me could not, as i had to open a new hotmail account. Please keep in contact and good luck with your entry. Regards Colin.

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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Thanks for your participation in this year's contest. We hope you will continue to contribute to the Climate CoLab.