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To transport seawater inland by the means of wind power and process the Sea water into a useable commodity, by the means of the Sun heat


Please use the template below as a general guide in preparing your proposal.

Executive summary

Overview of the proposal: what it hopes to achieve, the proposed actions and anticipated outcomes, mechanisms by which the actions can be achieved, what distinguishes this proposal from others.

My overview of the proposal: I have spent two years on this idea, the research. To date I have not found any one using this full idea, sea water is being used. But not in the scale which it needs to be used to slow down rasings sea levels. In 2010 I was on holiday in Egypt, most of the water used in the Hotel as been put though some distillation plant or it is bottled water for drinking, the is a high cost to put it though a distillation plant and a high cost to move bottled water from A to B.


 Mr. Colin Springthorpe. Loughborough. Leicestershire, UK. 

Face Book Member

I, Internet and New paper research on Climate Change though out the World, I have sent 300 emails to possible interested parties though out the World, as yet No one as said I am Mad yet.



 Photos and drawings have been sent with this proposals.

Why: Rationale for the proposal


Climate Change idea facts 01.02.2011


(2)   This is a simple idea, it was first used in 1742 by Nicolo Ghezzi of Italy, and also use by Charles Wilson in 1872 in Las Salinas Chile, but not on the scale of my idea.

(3)   Drawings of Climate Change Idea, I have sent the details to some well-known parties over the last two years. In many part of the World, by the means of email and on Face book walls, (Act on Co2 based in UK, Get it Green based in China and also Planeta Urgente based in South America). To this date no one has said that the idea is Mad.

(4)   Extensive Research into Green Energy and Climate change, via the Internet and Daily News papers. I have sent many long hours trying to find a simply Idea on this scale, up to now I have not. I first took an interest in Green Energy when I work at P.M.E. in 21.05.2006. I entered a competition, on saving energy; I was told that I came second See index lists.

(5)   Research, rise of water temp though the day, location plastic Green House at the rear of my home in Loughborough, Leicestershire. See charts.

(6)   List of contacts that I have been in contact with. Or hope to contact at some point.

(7)   World food shortage, which in turn means higher prices. Supply and demand.

(8)   Third World Countries, it is a perfect location for this project. The hotter the climate the better.

(9)   Energy sauce for this project is the Sun, which is still tax-free.

(10)                       Raising Sea levels, that is a fact. Seawater is still free.

(11)                       Markets for this project, anywhere there is Sun light. And in need of fresh water to grow food crops.

(12)                       Cost, the transportation of Seawater in land, the pump is being designed to transport the Seawater in land at this moment. + Cost of plant to transform salt water into fresh water, by the means of the Sun. See drawings.

(13)                       Funding, I am designing a pump, which can be used on this project. But there is a wider market for the pump it shelf. The pump is still in development at present. Once I have the pump up and running, it can be sold to fund the main project.

(14)                       Treated Water from the plant, can be used for the growing of food crops. In dry parts of the World. At this stage I cannot say whether the water would be pure drinking water.


How: Feasibility of proposal

Explanation of how the proposed actions will be achieved. Teams are encouraged, but not required, to include such issues as:

  • Overall global economic and environmental governance framework
  • (Water for all)
  • Mechanisms for financing required investments
  • (Financing crops grown at little cost)
  • Role of new energy technologies and technology transfer
  • (This information as be sent at no cost the the World, via internet. No proffit as been made from this idea)
  • Political, educational, or media interventions that can facilitate the transition
  • (I have used drawings and photos, which is a World wide form of education)

If more detailed models or spreadsheets are useful in demonstrating your proposal’s feasibility, please send them to, and they will be reviewed and linked to your proposal.
Teams are also encouraged to note regional/national proposals that are complementary to their global proposal.


Photos sent to

Drawings of Idea 1-4

Photos of basic test 1-4

Photos of The Nile in Luxor 2010, showing carnal with Sugar cane as far as the eye can see.

Exlie sheets, raise and fall of temp inside and outside in UK and raise and fall of temps in Luxor though the year

Vision of the future under this proposal



(1) Usable water in places with uncontrolable shortage.

(2) Use some of the raising sea water, which at this point is uncontrolable.

(3) Use wind turbine to pump sea water in land, the pump is still in the drawing stage. But the basic idea as been tested.

(4) The more vthis process is used in the the World, posative action on reduceing sea leveals will work.

(5) Please take a look at the big picture.