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James Greyson

Aug 1, 2011


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Really interesting idea. One of my best holidays was a bike ride across bits of Europe, staying in youth hostels overlooking the Rhine and scoffing cherries from roadside trees in France. I wonder how this proposal could look if extended to cover transport generally. For example it often feels like the infrastructure around me was set up to maximise fuel burning. How would it look if set up to maximise walking and cycling instead? What would make that happen? How would that create more space for ecosystems, money saved and community spirit - with extra benefits for the climate?

Josh Introne

Aug 25, 2011


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Hi ischilke - I agree with this! However, I'm curious how this could be a realistic proposal for a global plan to address climate change. For instance: - If everyone did as you said, how much would it reduce emissions? - Is it reasonable to think that everyone can do this? If not, what proportion of people should? Is there an easy way to decide, or a personal decision? - How would we incentivize this kind of environmental consciousness? Media outreach? Financial incentives? I guess I'm just a little curious about how you could build on this idea to make it a truly global solution. Maybe the problem is not so much that people *aren't* engaged in environmentally responsible behavior, so much as they don't *want* to be. How can we address that problem?

Moderator Team

Oct 11, 2011


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