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Spend your holidays walking or riding a bicycle instead of using a car or plane.


Executive summary

Holiday tours are a source of air pollution by planes or cars. You can minimize this by spending your free time walking or bicycling.




Description of the actions proposed and their anticipated outcomes.
You will want to refer to the emission and land use target you have chosen using the Actions & Impacts tab.
In addition, you will want to outline the mechanisms by which the world as a whole can transition to the green economy or to an alternative vision of the future you would propose instead.

Why: Rationale for the proposal

Explanation for why these actions and outcomes are desirable.

How: Feasibility of proposal

Explanation of how the proposed actions will be achieved. Teams are encouraged, but not required, to include such issues as:

  • Overall global economic and environmental governance framework
  • Mechanisms for financing required investments
  • Role of new energy technologies and technology transfer
  • Political, educational, or media interventions that can facilitate the transition

If more detailed models or spreadsheets are useful in demonstrating your proposal’s feasibility, please send them to, and they will be reviewed and linked to your proposal.
Teams are also encouraged to note regional/national proposals that are complementary to their global proposal.

Vision of the future under this proposal

Creative depictions what life will be like later in the century if the proposal were to be adopted, using such media as videos, images, or narratives.