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App Store Optimization (ASO): Creating a family of apps


Creating a family of apps is one of the most underused ASO methods. Simply put, if you have a family of apps, then every discovery of one app is an app discovery of the rest. By creating a family of apps, you can have apps in a number of categories and banners in your apps that refer users to the others.

To learn the “family of apps” technic we can see how it’s done by one of the casual game studios: Rovio.

Rovio has never stoped releasing new Agry Birds versions (even though they are now focused on Amazing Alex). Take look at the Angry Birds family (up to now):

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Space
  • Angry Birds Space HD
  • Angry Birds Space Premium

Do it Yourself

Now let’s see how you can promote your mobile app, I love biking so I’ll use it as an example.

Imagine you have developed a physics biking game, you could create the following family:

  • Physics biking game.
  • Biking For Starters – videos on how to ride a bike.
  • Bikers Library – an app that promotes books for bikers.
  • Bikers Computer – an app that tracks the speed the biker is going.
  • Biking Blog – a diary for writing down all your bikes.
  • Bikers Store – an app that recommends products for bikers.

By creating six different apps in at least four different categories, I’d open up my apps for discovery. Any search for anything related to juggling would bring up an app of mine, leading people to every other app.

Not every app of the family has to be a killer app, you could easily create apps with Genwi, Appsgeyser or Appmakr and focus on promoting the main app while the rest drive free traffic.


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