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Ella Maria Llanos Rodriguez

Ella Maria Llanos Rodriguez


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Ella María Llanos completed her BSc and MSc in Petroleum Engineering at Colombian National and Oklahoma Universities respectively. She obtained her PhD with emphasis on Fracture Mechanics, at the University of Adelaide in collaboration with CSIRO Energy (Australia). Ella has considerable experience in the geothermal industry having worked as a reservoir engineer for pioneering Australian geothermal companies Petratherm and Geodynamics. Her research and work experience is based around designing and building hydraulic fracturing experiments and field treatments as well as geothermal reservoir simulation models using TOUGH2. She has interest in renewable energy and research projects that assist in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Since August 2016, Ella María works with the Environmental Geochemistry Group within the Peter Cook Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Research at the University of Melbourne (Australia). In this role, her main task is to develop reactive-transport models with a software called TOUGHREACT and to run simulations as part of a small team working on sub-surface barrier formation as a CO2 leakage mitigation and remediation technology.


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The Antioquia Community Ecosystems Infrastructure REDD + Project in ColombiaSep 13, 2017


Ella Maria Llanos Rodriguez is supporting proposal The Antioquia Community Ecosystems Infrastructure REDD + Project in ColombiaSep 13, 2017
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