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Eric Sunol

Eric Sunol


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I have a long lasting passion for our planet and the living species that inhabit it, as well as 17 years of academic and professional experience in energy and environment-related fields. 

I work as co-Managing Partner at Inveniam Group, a technology transfer and M&A advisory firm with headquarters in Barcelona and Tel Aviv. I head the Sustainability practice, helping out research centers, startups and corporations put energy, water & waste treatment technologies in the market. 

During my academic experience, I worked on the mechanisms to accelerate technological change in the energy sector, obtaining a PhD in Economics from the New School from Social Research in New York City.

Before finishing my PhD, I worked at the Technology, Strategy & Development divisions of a global power and gas corporation, where I was confronted with real life problems in policy and technological change.


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Eric Sunol joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 7, 2017